Top 5 Detoxing Essential Oils To Reduce Toxic Load

Time and time again, I find myself amazed at the amount of chemicals that affect our bodies on a daily basis.  Before my awareness, I blissfully blew through life slathering on heavily-laden lotions, cleaning while inhaling puffs of toxins, styling my hair in a cloud of chemicals.  Sure, I could adjust my diet and exercise a bit more, but there wasn’t a whole lot more I could do, right?  And along came essential oils and completely transformed my life!  That’s when the term “toxic load” began to shake my bones and I realized how inundated my body had become from the choices I was making.

Proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and stress management seem to be the token solutions for those looking to improve their lifestyles.  But often there lies a gigantic iceberg beneath the body’s surface that takes a lot more than just 30 days of proper diet and exercise to melt.  A chiseling process needs to begin immediately in order for you to truly transform and rid your body of the toxic chemicals and free radicals that dance through your veins at any given time.  Your health truly manifests itself from the inside out, so flushing out those nasties needs to be a top priority.

And don’t just assume that your children are safe from chemicals.  A recent study found over 200 chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies. 200!  If that isn’t shocking enough to keep you reading, I don’t know what is!


Let’s first define some of the terms associated with this process…

A TOXIN refers to any substance that causes excess stress to the body.  They come from myriad sources, many of which we aren’t even aware.  Environmental threats, chemicals, and radiation top the count, though every substance that has a consistent chemical composition can be considered a “chemical.”

A chemical is any substance (natural or synthetic) that can stress the body, such as those found in processed foods (artificial sweeteners/flavor enhancers), automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, solvents, plastics, pesticides, xenoestrogens, and harsh cleaning products.

Radiation refers to high-energy particles that can negatively affect cellular structures and DNA.  Surprisingly, the most common form we expose ourselves to is sunlight.  Clearly radiation can be beneficial, but, in high doses, cause severe harm.

TOXIC LOAD encapsulates the volume of these substances that have accumulated in the body at any given time and the overall burden placed on the body’s systems and vital organs.  Our bodies can filter through some of the toxins but when we overload it, the chemicals, in essence, spill over into our bodies and remain there unless something is done to reverse the damage.  The liver can’t handle this mess all on its own.


Our bodies offer a number of passageways through which these toxins can invade.  Often hard to prevent, direct exposure opens us up as a host for theses toxins.  Our three most vulnerable paths are the lungs, the digestive tract, and the skin.  From the food we eat to the air we breathe and anything that contacts the skin, our bodies constantly stand the offensive against an onslaught of attack.

Fortunately, the amazing body compensates with a variety of defense mechanisms to filter out the nasty.  For example, as a first line of internal defense, our mouths, nose, and throats are lined with a thick mucous membrane that works to trap foreign particles before they get too far into the body.  Inside our lungs are special immune cells that destroy any foreign agents that slip past the initial protection.

Though we cannot control much of the air that we breathe or the chemicals to which we are unknowingly exposed, we most definitely can take preventative measures to minimize exposure and support our bodies’ mechanisms in helping to deal with the toxins.


Lemon Essential Oil

Popular for enhancing mood and uplifting spirits, Lemon essential oil can also cleanse the body just as it helps you to cleanse your hard surfaces. In addition to supporting healthy respiratory function despite environmental threats, it can also boost and support your digestive tract. I love diffusing Lemon to cleanse the air and amp up my mood with some Peppermint, and use it almost daily as an amazing citrus zing to smoothies and recipes.

Lavender Essential Oil 

In addition to soothing skin irritations and calming the mind, body, and soul, Lavender essential oil has a calming and relaxing effect on the body to reduce stress.  Increased toxic load can amp up your stress level and make sleep an impossibility, but Lavender offers many versatile ways to ease your body into dreamland.  A drop on your pillow, a few in an Epsom salt bath, diffused by your bedside, and massaged into your pulse points, Lavender can help you to find the calm you’ve been missing.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Like its sister scent Lemon, Grapefruit offers a tangy uplifting scent that enlivens the spirit, lessens feelings of anxiety, and helps the mind and body to push out negative energy. Even better, it tastes amazing! Add Grapefruit to your water to flush out your system and support a healthy metabolism. Diffused, it can ramp up your motivation while working out and help to curb cravings.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Packed with a menthol punch, Peppermint works like no other to promote healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. Diffuse it during the day to wake up the senses and open the airways, and add a citrus oil kick for motivation and uplifting. Peppermint also supports digestive function, including vital organs that may be clogged down from toxic load. Its cooling sensation provides a great spot treatment for moments of heat or overwhelm as well. And if you haven’t tried peppermint in tea or your favorite brownie recipe, you are missing out on a wealth of flavor!

Rosemary Essential Oil

While most people consider Rosemary to be a common garden herb, its amazing power surpasses no other for improving mental function and enhancing your metabolism. Rosemary not only improves digestion and respiratory function, but it also can reduce tension from nervous energy and fatigue. Inhale it, bathe in it, or massage it in…you can’t beat the energizing aroma of Rosemary for focus and overall support.


If you weren’t aware of the impact of toxic load until now, I suggest you take some time revamping your lifestyle to include proper diet, exercise, and sleep habits.  Essential oils can be a great support for your body in flushing out and reversing the effects of toxic load for everyone in your family if you give them the chance to do so.

If you were aware of toxic load, then you know the dangers that exist in today’s world and how difficult it is to protect our own bodies from outside threats.  Let the healing power of essential oils help you to defend your body and your family’s bodies against the harmful and prolonged effects of environmental toxins.

We cannot simply let your bodies be taken hostage by tragically harmful chemicals, toxins, and radiation that surround us on a daily basis.  We must fight back from the inside out and protect our well-being the best way we know how – with the gift given to us from Nature.  Essential Oils offer us a chance at reclaiming our natural bodies and sustaining them with wellness and vitality.

Don’t be a victim of your environment.  Heal your body from the inside out and the outside in with essential oils!

Detoxing Essential Oils FAQ:

How do essential oils detox the body?
Cleansing, reducing the effects of stress, cutting inflammation, providing essential antioxidants, and supporting your liver and gut are some of the ways essential oils help reduce your toxic load.

Which essential oils are good for a detox bath?
My favorites are Lavender, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Lemon. Pick a combination that you love, and feel free to add others to the mix, too!

Which essential oils are good for the liver?
My favorite oils for liver health are Rosemary, Geranium, Helichrysum, Turmeric, Frankincense, and Citrus oils. These promote healthy detoxification in your body and support optimal liver function!

What is toxic load?
Toxic load is the term for the volume of toxins and chemicals that have accumulated in your body at a given time, placing a burden on your organs and systems. Basically, it’s what’s left beyond what your body is able to filter out.

How to use Lemon essential oil for detox?
Lemon is great to add to your water, smoothies, or even bath soaks to give your cells extra support in cleaning out junk. It’s also a great digestive aid to help eliminate toxins from your body once your liver has filtered them out!

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