#59 What Gets In The Way of Your Self-care and How To Fix It with Brodie Welch

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • How to change the way you live your life through self-care
  • Finding a balance in the Ying and Yang of stress and rejuvenation
  • Bridging the gap between what you know you should be doing and what you actually are
  • The importance of community in changing your habits and mindset
  • How to integrate essential oils and acupuncture points into your self-care rituals

Episode Summary:

There are so many stresses that society puts on women that when we are confronted with the issue of self-care, we almost cannot fathom how we would fit it into our day. Brodie Welch recognized this as a major issue in our culture and started on a path to empower as many high functioning women as possible to take back control of their lives. A wonderful friend, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Chinese medicine expert and self-care strategist, Brodie is here to get honest about self-care and how to shift your beliefs so you can prioritize creating the life you deserve.

Learn why sleep is one of the most important versions of self-care, why you should be truly valuing yourself for who you are and not based on any external factors, and the key strategy towards changing your habits. Brodie is explaining how Chinese medicine relates to the Ying and Yang of self-care, how to take things off of your plate, and the role self-care can play in improving your digestion, mood, and energy levels.

The things that we do every day add up to how we feel in the long term, so when you do not prioritize yourself, you tell everyone else you are not a priority either. It is up to us to set a different standard for taking care of your mind and body so that you can better serve everyone in the long run, including yourself. Brodie is here to provide assistance and guidance for those sick of putting themselves last.

We all deserve to be our own most important priority. What steps do you take to implement self-care? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!


“It is so dishearting to me to have people in that mindset that self-care is this optional thing. Or worse, that it is something that you do like just one and done” (11:36)

“We get to choose how we steer. Whether we are steering in the direction of health, or we are steering in the direction of imbalance” (12:03)

“A lot of times our greatest strength is our underlying weakness. And recognizing that we have more tools in the toolbox than our typical ‘go-to’, that requires identity evolution and it is scary” (22:53)

“The one thing that I would encourage people to pay attention to is that pulsation between Ying and Yang” (42:10)

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