#58: Exercise Flips So You can Master Your Metabolism Before, During, and (Long) After Menopause with Debra Atkinson

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

    • Exercise flips that you can use to master your metabolism before, during and after menopause
    • Common unintentional exercise mistakes that could be sabotaging your results
    • Which exercises you should be focusing on depending on where your body is at
    • Specific muscle groups that you should be thinking about when training
  • Giving yourself permission to rest and listen to your body

Episode Summary:

We all know that exercise has many benefits for your body and is an important factor in keeping yourself in shape as you grow older. However, as we get older and approach peri-menopause and menopause, these same exercise routines do not serve our bodies in the ways that they used too.

Debra Atkinson not only knows this but lives it on a day to day basis to help hundreds of thousands of women find the perfect prescription for moving their body. A well-known wellness coach, fitness expert, author and more, Debra is here to help you flip the second half of your life with the energy and vitality that you deserve. By equipping yourself with knowledge about how to move your body, you can get the results you want at any age.

Today we are navigating the murky waters around what is happening to your body during peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause. If you want to get more energy, have better sleep and find a balance for your exercise and hormones, Debra is here to say that you are not alone. Learn how to find your exercise ‘sweet spot’, what to expect from various workout routines in each stage of your life, and more.

If you let it, your body can be your best friend. Today is the day to start moving your body and get answers for some of your most stubborn issues.

What stage are you at in your menopause journey and how has it affected your overall health? Let us know in the comments below!


“I knew there was a demand and they were not finding solutions so I set out to reach more people myself” (14:42)

“If you start at 30, you are going to be much better off when you get to 50. But if you haven’t started yet when you are 50, the next best time to start is today.” (18:53)

“It’s going to a whole lot less important what the scale tells you because you are going to feel so much better” (33:06)

“In some way, shape or form, you have to invest in yourself in a way that will hurt” (38:18)

“It’s a lot like a marriage, not every day does it go really smoothly. But because you are committed, you stay in it and you make it work” (40:26)

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