#40: How Chris Beat Cancer with Chris Wark

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Making cancer treatment decisions that are based in hope and facts, not fear
  • Cancer as a wake-up call to radically change your life
  • What you can do to make your body inhospitable to cancer
  • Overcoming the challenges that come with radically changing your life
  • The value of finding a doctor who supports you in your healing
  • Practical steps you can take to reduce the stress in your life

Episode Summary:

A cancer diagnosis is full of uncertainty and changes your life forever. When it comes to making decisions about your treatment, it’s important to have all the information and make your decisions from a position of knowledge, not fear. Chris Wark survived cancer by radically changing his lifestyle and shares his incredible story with us.

Chris’ diagnosis of colon cancer at age 26 sent him on a journey of examining his life and habits. He immediately switched to an organic raw food diet, eliminated toxicity, and changed his relationship towards stress.

His recent hit book, Chris Beat Cancer, is helping many cancer patients learn how to navigate treatment and make the best decisions to support their body in healing. He now continues to educate cancer patients on the risks and benefits of different treatments so that they can enter their treatment equipped with the information they need.

The benefits of eating right and living well so that you can gain control of your health cannot be understated. We have seen time and time again how stress is the root cause of so many health problems. Chris shares his advice of focusing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life in order to take charge of your wellbeing.

Have you or someone you know used alternative therapies to treat cancer? Tell me about it in the comments on the episode page!



“It’s really important that patients make a decision that is rooted in facts and faith and not in fear.”  [18:33]

“If you have cancer, you should go ahead and assume that the way you’re living is killing you. Not to blame or shame or anything like that, but to open your eyes so you realize that your choices matter, that you have the power to change, that you have the power to affect your future, that today’s decisions affect tomorrow’s health, and that cancer is largely a manmade disease.” [23:40]

“We should all work with doctors. They’re a part of your team, but you’re in the driver’s seat. If you’re a passenger, if you’re hogtied in the back, that’s not a healthy relationship.” [46:51]

“Unless you deal with the root cause of your stress, whatever it is, and it may be multiple things, then you are going to be stuck in a pattern of self-medicating and that leads to disease.” [57:39]


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