#121: Manifesting & Re-Defining Your Version of Wealth and Wellness with Emma Mumford

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Exercises to help you understand and define what wealth means to you 
  • Tips to help you manifest the abundance-filled life you have always desired
  • Redefining your version of wealth and taking time to enjoy your successes 
  • How to adopt an abundance mentality and live every day in gratitude
  • Creating a healthy relationship with money by understanding your goals

Episode Summary

What if I told you that you have the ability to manifest the life that you want in a practical and totally doable way? That’s what Emma Mumford, aka the Spiritual Queen from London, is here to talk with us about. After her career in banking led her to start her own business in extreme couponing, Emma realized her true passion was helping others use the power of attraction to create the lives they desire.

Having just published her first book, Spiritual Queen, Emma is an expert in manifesting the life you want, redefining what wealth and success mean for you, and taking charge of what you attract into your life. Redefining how you look at your money, career, relationships, and happiness is the key to creating the life of your dreams, and Emma is here to provide practical tips to help you create a life full of abundance. 

At the end of the day, materialistic things are never going to fill you up. Finding fulfillment in life is an internal job that takes inspired actions, daily gratitude, and allowing the Universe to do its job. With Emma’s help, you can stop rushing through life and instead unlock for yourself the life of your dreams. 

Are you ready to manifest the life you desire, redefine your relationship with wealth and find true fulfillment? Share what you are trying to attract into your life in the comments below!


“I just fully know that this is my path. I am so grateful for my previous experiences and my past business, but I know that helping people in this way is where it is at for me.” (13:19)

“I manifested my dream life. I manifested going full time with my spiritual business, having a book, publishing a book, having a successful career, manifesting the dream man, manifesting the dream house, and I did it all!” (16:47)

“When the money is in the right hands, as a collective, we can change that energy of how we interact with money and we can change the energetic currency of how money is perceived and how money is used.” (29:01)

“It’s just about being mindful of yes, we know what we want, but sometimes the Universe knows better if there is something else waiting for us.” (36:21)

“Remember everything is a mirror, so if you are not being consistent with yourself the Universe is not going to be consistent with you. So the more you put out the more you are going to get back.” (39:02)

Resources Mentioned

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