#120: Is Your Doctor Using the Correct Hormone Test…Or Not? with Dr. Carrie Jones

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How to optimize the three phases of your estrogen detox pathways
  • Which kind of hormone testing is the best? (Blood, salivary, or urine)
  • How the DUTCH test shows you the big picture for your hormones
  • Symptoms that may qualify you for a DUTCH test
  • The ways trauma, perceived stress and sleep impact your cortisol levels

Episode Summary

If you have hormonal issues and are having a hard time pinpointing exactly where to start, the DUTCH test (or Dried Urine Total Complete Hormones test), is the test you need to take. Through precise and analytical lab testing, the DUTCH test is something that you can do in your own home without a doctor’s prescription to start taking control of your hormones.

Dr. Carrie Jones is a world-renowned speaker and expert in women’s hormones who is the medical director for the DUTCH hormone test. Fully versed in the topic of women’s health and hormones, Dr. Carrie is here to shine a light on different types of hormone testing, their accuracy, and what sets the DUTCH test apart.

Your hormones are constantly shifting and connecting with each other, and it is only by gaining a good sense of the big picture surrounding your hormone makeup that you can start to address your root causes. Learn about cortisol awakening response, adrenal fatigue, estrogen, and more as Dr. Carrie helps paint you a picture of what is really going on with your hormones.

Have you tried hormone testing such as the DUTCH test? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


“If I can just provide a bunch of information, like ‘girl, here, this is how we break it down, this is what’s happening,’ then women go, ‘Okay I feel so much more empowered, now I understand it, now let’s do what I need to do.’” (9:49)

“If hormones aren’t your thing, if you don’t know anything about the endocrine system, you just know you feel hormonally off, then it’s really nice to see somebody who can personalize it to you and just guide you through it.” (14:30)

“Biochemically, your adrenals do not give out like your ovaries do in menopause. In menopause your ovaries don’t have any follicles left; therefore, you can’t make hormones. That’s not the way your adrenals work; your adrenals don’t hit 50 years old and go, ‘Poof, I’m done, if the ovaries are done I’m done too.’ It doesn’t work that way.” (27:36

“You can only burn the candle at both ends for so long before you meet in the middle and are out of candle, and it’s the same thing in your body.” (29:26)

“Your body is going to do what it can to fix you and to balance you. But if you keep abusing the system, you’re gonna continually have a messed up system. So you have to address it: it is one of the first things you have to address.” (38:09)

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