#133: Understanding Inflammation in the Body and Discovering Your Individual Food Triggers with Dr. Will Cole

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • How to figure out where you are on the inflammation spectrum
  • Symptoms to find your level of bodily inflammation
  • Learn the causes of inflammation in the body and how to get to your root cause
  • Gaining body freedom by finding out what your body loves and what it doesn’t
  • How to use food to extinguish inflammation instead of fueling the fire

Episode Summary

One of the biggest causes of disease today can be directly linked to inflammation in the body. While inflammation is not always a bad thing, it can rage out of control quite easily and needs to be addressed early. Everything from joint pain to anxiety can be linked back to inflammation, and it is only by figuring out where you are on the inflammation spectrum that you can start to create a customized health program that works for you.

Dr. Will Cole specializes in clinically investigating the underlying factors of chronic inflammation and helps his patients and readers create custom health programs to fit their own unique body. Dr. Cole’s new book, The Inflammation Spectrum, is all about educating people on where they are on the inflammation spectrum so they can find their triggers and take on their own health responsibility.

If you have a desire to feel great, that is the only prerequisite that you need to start feeling better and be your best self. Dr. Cole is here to ease your mind around inflammation, take the fear out of one of the leading causes of disease, and help you create balance and sustainability for your body to live a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

If you want to learn how to use food as a tool to fight inflammation, figure out which labs and tests are right for your unique symptoms, or gain tools to create a balanced inflammatory system in your body, you need to listen to this episode. Even if you feel like you are dealing with something colossal at the moment, Dr. Cole is here to help show you that it doesn’t mean you have to feel like this forever.

Are you conscious of the levels of inflammation found in your body? Share how you work to keep your inflammation in control in the comments section.


“Just like so much in functional medicine, we have to tailor our approach to wellness based on where we are on this inflammation spectrum.” (8:19)

“We wield so much power over our physiology by the choices that we make. So most of these issues are improvable, manageable, reversible, healable things.” (12:11)

“Every food we eat is either feeding inflammation or calming it, there is no ‘Switzerland meal’.” (17:52)

“If you want to keep it super simple, start with food. Food wields a lot of power over our physiology. And the overwhelming majority of people that are listening and for the overwhelming majority of people going through chronic health problems, food is primary.” (26:13)

“You have to kind of put the work and the intention in to get there, but the other side of it is grace and lightness for your wellness.” (30:30)

Resources Mentioned

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  1. Christi October 13, 2019 at 6:52 am #

    I would love to know how much inflammation I have now and what foods to stay away from. I gave up gluten 5 months ago but I don’t know where to go from here . Making sure I’m on the right track!!!

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