#32: Boost Your Energy, Crush Your Cravings, and Calm Inflammation with the Ketotarian Diet with Dr. Will Cole


What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • The most common concerns and conditions that can be supported by functional medicine
  • Bringing the keto and plant-based worlds together
  • Specific benefits and concerns for women and the ketogenic diet
  • What Dr. Cole’s Ketotarian diet does that the ketogenic diet doesn’t
  • Finding your own personal ketotarian formula for weight loss resistance

Episode Summary:

You have probably been hearing lots about the ketogenic diet, a revolutionary way of thinking about how we fuel our bodies that has been in the middle of some controversy lately, especially when it comes to women’s hormone health. Dr. Will Cole is here to set the record straight about this traditional diet and explain his new approach to keto, designed to support women while decreasing systemic inflammation.

Dr. Cole gives us a breakdown of what exactly the Ketotarian diet is, the benefits of plant-based eating and how functional medicine is changing how we treat patients today. Learn how the Ketotarian diet can improve cognitive function, decrease brain fog, anxiety and depression, as well as support your hormone health and lose weight. If you are looking to boost your energy, crash your cravings and calm your inflammation with the Ketotarian diet, this episode is for you.

Listen in to one of my favorite interviews to date as we uncover some important truths about diets, specifically about a diet that is sweeping the nation.

How did this episode impact you on your wellness journey? Does the Ketotarian diet lineup to your way of thinking about food? Let me know what you are loving about this podcast in the comments below!


“I heard of this thing called functional medicine through [him], and I thought you know that sounds amazing. It’s like marrying the best of western medicine which is labs and being evidence-based and the best of alternative health, which is actually getting somebody healthy and not just covering the symptoms up with medications. This really cool fusion of both worlds.” (7:56)

“I really spent my last couple years clinically and my writing as well to really come up with a solution for a sustainable, real foods way to do the ketogenic diet and that’s when I created ketotarian which is a plant-based ketogenic approach to get all the cool benefits of a ketogenic diet but also have a great kind of alchemy with the plant-based diet as well.” (21:35)

“That’s why I created the book, is to avoid those pitfalls of the ketogenic diet and i think that a lot of times people kind of throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak. And they try the ketogenic diet and they don’t feel good and then they give up. And like with anything you just have to tweak it and personalize it and I’ve seen over the years what works and what doesn’t and what most people kind fall prey to unintentionally so I try to boil it down in the book.” (24:12)

“You can get your macronutrients perfect, you can eat the best foods under the sun, but if you’re not really valuing who you are, how far are you really going to get? The foundation has to be self-worth and really loving your body enough to nourish it with good things.” (38:06)

Resources Mentioned:

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