#136: What It Truly Means to Age in Reverse with Natalie Jill

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • How to age in reverse and stay in tune with your passions and goals
  • Simple, daily steps to help you beat feelings of overwhelm
  • The role gratitude plays in honoring yourself and being there for others
  • Why community is so powerful as you pursue happiness
  • How to embrace surrender and let go of control to become more present
  • Why you should stop validating your excuses and start taking ownership of your life

Episode Summary

We have all heard that age is only a number, but how many of us actually know how to increase our longevity and happiness as we age? Natalie Jill is a fat loss expert, high-performance coach and globally recognized influencer. Today, she is here to share her wisdom and knowledge to help you learn how to age in reverse.

Natalie graces the front covers of fitness magazines at age 48. She is steadily shifting the stigma around what it means to get older. Her goal is to help women uncover their master passions to create a life that thrives without giving in to the stereotypes of aging. While nutrition and fitness are all well and good, the key to happiness is in uncovering your own vision of what you want out of life.

As kids, we all start out thinking that anything is possible. Through life, school and disappointments we start to lower our expectations and limit our own beliefs. Natalie wants you to find your dreams again and become more present with the infinite possibilities of your own potential instead of making excuses based on your age.

If you truly want to age in reverse you need to embrace your ability to decide how you want to feel and live. By searching for true connection and amazing moments, you can start to live younger from the inside out.

Are you ready to embrace aging in reverse? Share in the comments below how you combine mindset with health and fitness practices to find your value as you age.


“I made a vision board, I started staring at it, and every single day when I was waking up feeling like I didn’t want to get out of bed, I would make myself stare at that vision board and ask myself this question: ‘If I was that girl living in that vision board, what choices would I make today?’.” (12:11)

 “It really was just literally me being authentic and vulnerable and connecting that grew an entire business.” (13:46)

 “It does not matter what you eat, what hormones you take, what workouts you do, what you listen to, none of that matters if you do not know where you want to go.” (20:01)

 “When you can bring back your authentic self, and have more presence and fun and connection like kids do, you feel youthful, you look youthful, it’s everything.” (26:41)

 “I started thinking, ‘when have I had the most fun recently? When was I truly living?’ and it was in those messy, present, connected moments that I was living. And I just decided I was taking on more of those, and I am going to teach women how to take on more of those.” (30:23)

 “There is an actual method for aging in reverse, and it is not just going to the cosmetic surgeon.” (34:08)

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