#137: How to Naturally Heal from Chronic Pelvic Pain with Isa Herrera

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Preventative care for pelvic floor health
  • Why the reverse Kegel is like meditation for the vagina and how to receive its benefits
  • What to do when you begin to notice pelvic floor and bladder leaking 
  • How to take back control of your pelvic health by becoming an educated consumer
  • The important role of a well-curated total body conditioning program for your pelvic health

Episode Summary

It’s a topic that we don’t hear a lot about, yet it impacts hundreds of millions of women: pelvic pain. Over 600 million women worldwide, including Isa Herrera, have had to deal with the confusing work of pelvic floor health only to be left in the dust by their doctors. Isa said, “No more,” and is here today to educate you on what you can do to heal pelvic pain and protect your pelvic floor. 

A certified physical therapist and expert in integrative pelvic floor therapies, Isa is here to shake up your idea of pelvic health and show you that it is about a lot more than just your basic Kegels. Isa is passionate about providing tools to maximize female healing, help women live in high vitality through the strengthening of their pelvic floor, and help women take their pelvic floor health into their own hands. 

Sitting is the new smoking when it comes to the health of your pelvic floor, and it is only by embracing your role as the master of your own destiny, and your own vagina, that you can learn the techniques necessary to remedy yourself and treat your pelvic pain naturally and safely. 

You are not alone when it comes to your pelvic floor pain, urinary incontinence or chronic sexual pain. Other women are experiencing this too, and Isa is determined to break the stigma and clear up the confusion around pelvic floor physical therapy and the importance of circular healing. 

Do you train your whole body as a way to take care of your pelvic floor? Share in the comments below what techniques Isa shared about that you would like to try out.


“Lifestyle medicine and holistic care was the way to go. And right there and then I said ‘I will never go to another doctor again for this.’ I am going to help and I am going to heal this, not only for myself but for other women, because I didn’t want other women to go through what I went through.” (8:03)

“I think that sometimes we look for these grandiose things that we are going to do, like ,‘Oh,I am going to do the biggest thing ever.’ But it is actually everyday behaviors that we need to modify so that we are successful with the pelvic floor.” (13:03)

“I believe that all women should learn this work as a part of being a woman.” (15:59)

“What I don’t want women to do is to do 10,000 Kegels and feel like that is going to solve their problems because everything is interconnected.” (24:06)

“The intricacies is not one size fits all, you have to find the medicine that you body jives with and that your body resonates with.” (25:50)

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