#172: What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus and How to Boost Your Immunity with Dr. Elisa Song

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Learn what exactly qualifies a coronavirus and the many pre-existing types 
  • What you can do to keep your family healthy and strong during this time
  • Why you should be focusing on facts instead of instigating panic responses
  • Things you should consider before you cancel your travel plans
  • Natural ways you can boost your immune system to protect your body from any disease

Episode Summary

It’s safe to say that many of us are worried about the current information surrounding the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19. While watching the news is not always the best place to get your information, it is imperative that you take care of your families, as well as your own immune system during this time. 

There is still a lot we do not know about the novel coronavirus, but there are many ways that we can protect ourselves and our families from this illness as well as any other illnesses that may come our way. Dr. Elisa Song is a holistic pediatrician and pediatric functional medicine expert, and we are blessed to have her on the show today to provide some much-needed facts, clarity, and context around this new disease. 

In this especially important episode, Dr. Elisa is breaking down everything regarding what exactly the coronavirus is, how you can go about testing for it and natural ways that you can boost your immune system and prevent the spread of this disease. 

One of the most important things to remember during this time of uncertainty is to stay calm and avoid setting your body into a panic state. By implementing the easy and natural tools Dr. Elisa is here to equip you with, you can take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your family, limit your risk of exposure and support your immune system. 

How as the spread of the novel coronavirus impacted your family, travel or way of life? Share your experience and thoughts surrounding this epidemic with us in the comments below!


“Coronavirus fear has taken the world by storm. And I am not going to say that we should take this lightly, we need to take this seriously, but we need to separate out the facts and the fear.” (10:53)

“Were not just fighting an epidemic, were fighting an infodemic. This is a time for facts not fear, this is a time for rationality, not rumors.” (19:08)

“Let’s take coronavirus out of the picture. If your child had a cold, or even if they had a fever with a cough, most parents are not rushing to the doctor on day one. Most parents are waiting and kind of watching and doing what they can at home. So take that same practice with you when it comes to your child’s illness and your illness right now.” (33:30)

“I think one of the best ways to protect ourselves and our kids is really looking at keeping our immune systems as strong as possible.” (37:27)

“Evidence-based medicine doesn’t just include research papers, it includes clinical experience. So I know from my practice, a lot of these natural remedies that are amazing, that if you can start at the beginning of any illness, you can really nip that illness in the bud pretty quickly.” (52:03)

Resources Mentioned

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