#173: How to Relieve Endometriosis-Driven Pain, Digestive Symptoms, Anxiety and Infertility with Dr. Jessica Drummond

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • Learn why endometriosis is so commonly undiagnosed by traditional medicine
  • The most common symptoms of endometriosis and what you can do
  • How to address your pelvic pain through functional medicine and nutrition
  • Why hormonal birth control can put you at greater risk of infertility in the long term
  • The importance of finding a trained surgeon when considering laparoscopic surgery
  • What you can do right now at home to lessen your painful symptoms throughout the month

Episode Summary

Endometriosis contributes to over 80% of chronic pain found in women, yet many doctors are not confident in their ability to diagnosis endometriosis, and the symptoms can be all over the map. Dr. Jessica Drummond is the CEO of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, an author, a board-certified health coach and an expert with over 20 years of experience working with women to cure their chronic pelvic pain. 

After finding functional medicine by necessity after giving birth herself, Dr. Jessica’s eyes were opened to the power of nutrition and lifestyle as a way to relieve some of the biggest symptoms around endometriosis and pelvic pain. Today Dr. Jessica is here to provide you with a new set of tools to bring together pelvic floor rehab, functional medicine, lifestyle, nutrition, and health coaching to get root-cause healing for women with chronic pelvic pain conditions. 

Dr. Jessica is determined to educate you on ways that you can address endometriosis and other chronic pelvic pain conditions with root-cause solutions, functional medicine, and nutrition. There are many components that play a role in your chronic pain such as lifestyle, hormonal birth control, inflammation, and autoimmunity, and it is only by understanding their role in your condition that you can begin to heal yourself.

By taking a system-by-system approach to your body by supporting symptom relief and improving fertility, you can decrease your painful symptoms and start to implement the integrative care you need. Dr. Jessica is here to provide you with actionable ways that you can start to control your pain at home today and give you the tools you need to make a pain-free life a reality.

Are you ready to take control of your symptoms and start treating your chronic pelvic pain in a way that works for your body? Share your experience with endometriosis with us in the comments below!


“What I realized is that everything I learned from my own health crash could be applied to my clients and patients who had the most complex presentations of various pelvic pain conditions.” (12:31)

“I was able to marry that kind of wide-lens conservative approach of using pelvic floor rehab with functional nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and health coaching to really get root cause healing for women with endometriosis and other chronic pelvic pain conditions.” (13:10)

“If at any time it feels like you are being derailed by period pain, anxiety, gut issues, especially more than one of these things, not just one, the birth control pill is usually the first recommendations. But the problem with that is that just masks the symptoms and that could potentially put someone at greater risk of struggling with infertility later because they never had the disease addressed appropriately from the beginning.” (21:06)

“Start with digestion, and do it collaboratively with pelvic floor physical therapy so there is a lot of relaxation around the pelvic floor muscles, mindfulness strategies, cognitive behavioral therapy around pain management and living your life, immune system function… really looking at each physiological system one at a time starting with digestion and moving through the others.” (30:22)

“75% of women being derailed, to me, is a huge loss. For them, for the world, for their families, for the brilliance they could bring, so that’s why I wrote this book.” (42:14)

Resources Mentioned

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2 Responses to #173: How to Relieve Endometriosis-Driven Pain, Digestive Symptoms, Anxiety and Infertility with Dr. Jessica Drummond

  1. Rosey Anderson March 10, 2020 at 1:52 pm #

    I am corresponding in hopes of some answers. Back in my mid 20’s I recall going into a naturopath who suspected that I had endo. I was young and at the time the symptoms, to me, were not severe enough to explore further. I was just used to foraging forward. Fast forward to my late 30’s, me and my fiance started to try to get pregnant and I had many other symptoms that my doc sent me to an O/Gyn suspecting endo. The recommendation was laparoscopic surgery. I indeed did have endo. The doctor cleaned up ad much as she could but told me that it was far too extensive involving my bowel fused to my spine and also my ovaries and they couldn’t do anything about it. In my mid to late 30’s I started perimenopause and by my 40’s I was in menopause (not genetically normal in my family). I was told that menopause would mean my symptoms would dissipate. NOT TRUE! I still have instability and pain on one side and digestion has been sluggish since I can’t even remember.

    I am sm athlete and I know that if you have an “injury” that scar tissue will be an issue. I sm now in my 50’s and I can only assume that what I feel is that scar tissue? I wasn’t tio know what I can do to alleviate this because it reflects in my ability to stay active which is very important to me. Is there anything I can do about this?

    Rosey Anderson

    • Dr. Mariza March 17, 2020 at 6:01 pm #

      Hello Rosey! Thank you for sharing your story. Unfortunately, I’m just not sure given the things you’ve mentioned. It could be a couple of things. I would recommend you to consult someone near you for better analysis. You can find someone from this link > FIND A PRACTITIONER NEAR YOU

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