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Helichrysum Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Another of my desert island oils – the ones I would have to have if somehow stranded – has to be Helichrysum. Known as the “everlasting flower” or the “immortal flower,” this show-stopping plant has been sought after for centuries for its ability to rejuvenate your skin and vitality. Almost like a floral fountain of youth, Helichrysum can do wonders for your skin and metabolism while simultaneously improving your mood. Cultivated in Corsica, France, and the dry, rocky regions of the Mediterranean, the golden-yellow flowers are carefully steam distilled to produce this distinctly herbaceous-honey-scented essential oil.

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The Top 3 Essential Oils For Hormonal Synergy

Ladies, we all love to hate our hormones. They are the best of us, but can create the worst of us as well. During that certain time of the month or during specific seasons of life, our hormones seem to take over our bodies and leave us with an array of amazingly awful symptoms. Sadly, there is no panacea for this gift of womanhood, but there are several natural solutions that you can employ into your daily healthcare routine to ease and potentially eliminate the hormonal horrors from your life. And it all starts with creating a calm…soothing your mind and body so that your systems can reclaim their natural balance.

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Start Your Fall With This Pear & Ginger Compote

It’s the time of year to start bringing out the blankets, snuggling up, and eating something warm and delicious. But just because it’s pie season, that doesn’t mean you have to over-do it with sugar and calories. This compote slow-cooks its own sugars from the pears to create a yummy, sticky sweet treat. Use it as pie filling, jam, or eat it on its own!

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Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Many people shy away from the deep, earthy scent of Cedarwood essential oil, though it has been used for thousands of years in a variety of ways. Clearly, we all recognize the ol’ cedar-and-moth-balls scent from our grandmother’s attic or cedar chest when she pulled out preserved treasures to share with us in our youth. And maybe we are scared to harness the power of this warm and woody base note due to its sometimes overwhelming scent. But, when used in the right amount and combined with the right complementary oils, Cedarwood just might become a new favorite in your house…especially among the male-folk! Steam-distilled directly from the wood of the mighty Red Cedar tree, Cedarwood essential oil packs a punch of sesquiterpenes that unleash a powerful grounding and balancing effect on your mind and body.

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