The Top 3 Essential Oils For Hormonal Synergy


We all love to hate our hormones. They are the best of us, but can create the worst in us as well. During that certain time of the month or during specific seasons of life, our hormones seem to take over our bodies and leave us with an array of crazy symptoms. Sadly, there is no panacea for this gift of womanhood, but there are several natural solutions that you can employ into your daily healthcare routine to ease and potentially eliminate the hormonal horrors from your life. And it all starts with creating calm…soothing your mind and body so that your systems can reclaim their natural balance.


Yep, it’s a buzz word. Everyone seems to be using it, but let’s talk about what it really means. The word “Synergy” comes from the Greek synergi which means “to work together.” Essentially, it references the collective parts of something working in harmony; in the same breath, if one of those isolated parts starts to fail, the overall collective – the synergy – of the system falls apart and balance is lost.

We can also talk about synergy when it comes to essential oils as well. While each essential oil has a primary constituent, they do not fully function without their other constituents and trace components. This is what makes them so unbelievably unique! Scientific studies have been done on the essential oils that show that the isolated primary constituent of an oil never functions as well as the pure oil with all of its constituents working together. Why? Because they adapt. They change. They work with and within their environments in an ever-changing way. This is why no one oil works the same way with each individual. Amazing, right? Can you imagine the broad range of applications this could give to the healthcare community? More and more research is being done as you read this post about the efficacy of essential oils in the healthcare industry. Mind-blowing science happening now!


So, let’s talk womanhood. Hormones are always at work within our bodies affecting a huge spectrum of physiological processes. The two main hormones that we women deal with are estrogen and progesterone, which have an effect on much more than just our reproductive systems. Ideally, these two hormones are balanced and happy, making us happy!

But, we all know that our hormones can become unbalanced and the effects are a variety of physical and emotional symptoms, ranging from cravings and mood swings to unexplained weight gain.

So, what can we do about it?


Maintenance. It is all about maintenance. As you know, my whole mantra is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through changing your habits and taking control of your life! What can we change? Diet, exercise, natural supplements and products, and consistent usage of essential oils.

What can we change? Diet, exercise, natural supplements and products, and consistent usage of essential oils.

First of all, if you are really struggling, I suggest you talk to a healthcare professional. There are plenty of steps that you can take on your own, but if you haven’t had a physical in a while or no one has taken your emotional temperature, it’s time to have it checked. Keeping in contact with a healthcare professional creates a record of your health so that, if situations warrant, it can be consulted for a diagnosis.

Secondly, if you missed my previous blog post about Hormone-Balancing Foods, you must go read it and learn how you can take charge of your health in the kitchen. This is one step in our process to hormonal synergy. Check it out here.

Finally, let’s talk essential oils. In addition to some of the other oils that I have already mentioned (Don’t miss this post on dōTERRA’s Balance Grounding Blend), there are three that can really help you to create hormonal synergy: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Clary Sage. Known for their intense calming and soothing abilities, these essential three have been used for centuries to improve the lives of women.


Known for its calming and soothing aroma, Bergamot has been used for many years in massage therapy. Combining it with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil and using it to massage your abdomen during times of hormonal imbalance or just massaging your body when you are feeling levels of high stress can leave you feeling more relaxed and calm. You can also add it to your favorite moisturizer or some raw coconut oil and use it as a mood-boosting, skin cleanser and purifier. A quick trick for a restful night’s sleep is to apply Bergamot to your feet before bedtime. It is also prized for its amazing powers when diffused. During times of high tension and stress, diffusing Bergamot can lessen these feelings, leaving you with a sense of self-confidence. Also try adding Lavender or Lime in with your Bergamot diffusion for an extra-relaxing effect. And one final tidbit – adding Bergamot to regular tea transforms it into Earl Grey tea, and who doesn’t love a spot of tea when they are feeling extra stressed?


It’s a funny name – EE-lang EE-lang – I know, but this unique 5-starred flower produces an amazing calming scent that can uplift your mood on the worst days. Many people find that massaging Ylang Ylang on a daily basis into the back of their neck and heart can reduce the effects of stress in their lives. Another bonus use for Ylang Ylang is in your hair care routine – massaging it into your scalp or adding a drop to your shampoo or conditioner does double-duty as a calming aromatherapy experience while producing amazingly shiny hair! Like Bergamot, Ylang Ylang is also very effective when diffused, as it not only has a calming effect but uplifts your mood and promotes a positive outlook at the same time. And though it is not an FDA-approved statement, Ylang Ylang has been noted for its antioxidant support on the body, which can only help you in those special times of womanly need.


The holy grail of oil for all women’s needs, Clary Sage is extremely effective for supporting estorgen and progesterone balance. Application of this oil to the abdomen during that special time of the month both soothes and calms hormonal symptoms. Applying it to your pulse points can definitely help reduce stress, increase cognitive function and improve sleep. We all need our beauty sleep, and Clary Sage promotes a restful night’s sleep when applied at bedtime to the feet or on pulse points, and, like Ylang Ylang, it can also be added to your hair products for shiny hair.  Need some heavy duty calm in your life? Try an Epsom bath with Clary Sage. Simple add ¼ Epsom Salts to your warm bathwater and then a few drops of Clary Sage and swirl with your hand. Dip in, relax, and enjoy the intense aromatherapy of this oil. A note of warning, however, if you are pregnant – Clary Sage has been known to promote contractions in a woman’s body, so it is one of those oils that we avoid while pregnant until you are ready to give birth. Once those contractions start or if you are overdue, go ahead and make use of this amazing oil! It is also particularly helpful in balancing your hormones post-birth as well!


Ladies, you know dōTERRA never leaves us in a lurch, and they have specifically formulated Clary Calm Monthly Blend for Women. It comes in a ready-to-use rollerball bottle for super-easy application right to your pulse points or on your abdomen. Clary Calm is a proprietary blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex. What a powerhouse of oils!

In moments of heat, Clary Sage can be applied to the skin for a cooling and soothing effect; see below for a Mood Spritz recipe! Not only does it soothe heightened emotions at any time, but it also helps to balance your mood throughout the month. As dōTERRA says on their site, this is the “best oil for your worst week.” And did you know that oils smell good to you when you need them the most? Once a month, this blend is simply irresistible to me! I seriously carry it with me everywhere and have to stop myself from sniffing it like an addict throughout the day! Other times of the month, it doesn’t appeal to me at all. Strange, but true! This is part of the amazing nature of essential oils.

So feel free to celebrate with this recipe from my upcoming book, The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils.

Mood Spritz

  • 2 oz. Glass Spray Bottle
  • Distilled water
  • 30 drops dōTERRA Clary Calm Monthly Blend for Women

Blend together, shake, and spritz for a cooling effect on the skin, especially during those moments of heat in a woman’s later years!

There are plenty of times in a woman’s life when our bodies seem to go haywire, but finding a balance through lifestyle modification can help you to regain the balance that you lost. Trust me – it did in my life! Changing your diet, incorporating daily exercise and relaxation techniques, and working on developing a daily regimen of hormone-supportive oils into your life can do wonders for your overall emotional and physical well-being. And I can help to guide you through this process! Just contact me so we can schedule a time to talk.

If you know you are ready to get started with dōTERRA essential oils, you can sign up with me immediately here.

That’s not all!
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