Bonus Episode: This One Simple Ritual Made Me Instantly Happy (Re-Release)

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What We’re Talking About in This Episode

  • How to cultivate sustainable happiness
  • Daily rituals that helped me find happiness
  • Why you should start your day with gratitude
  • My favorite affirmations to help show yourself some love
  • The best essential oil blends to use during your happiness rituals

Episode Summary

Happiness is something that alludes many of us. Only 1/3 of the population rate themselves as happy, meaning almost 70% of us are unhappy. We are struggling with a happiness epidemic in our country, and it is time for you to revamp your own overall life satisfaction.

Happy people are more resilient, have lower chances of getting disease, and have a longer life expectancy. But happiness is not a consequence or a reward, it is a state of mind that must be consciously thought about every day. By starting every day with intention, and treating happiness like a muscle that we need to exercise regularly, we can start to work on our happiness from the inside out.

One great way to increase your happiness is to practice self-care daily rituals. In this episode, I will share my two favorite daily rituals, plus some bonus essential oil blends and weekly rituals, to help you get your happiness back on track.

There is so much to be grateful for, but we must take the time to remind ourselves of that and let positive thoughts wash over us. Join me as we think about our blessings and learn how to prioritize your own happiness again.


“People who seem to always be happy make a conscious decision to be happy, regardless of the circumstances.” (2:15)

“Big house + fancy car + dream job + beautiful family, does not equal happiness. Take note of this the next time you find yourself thinking about how to make yourself truly happy.” (4:23)

“I really do feel that I can pick an oil and choose my mood based on that oil. And that is what excites me so much about the use of aromatherapy for emotional wellbeing.” (9:58)

“You deserve happiness, we all do. And happiness opens the floodgates for everything else wonderful in life.” (19:54)

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