#216: How Women Can Tap into Their Innate Skills That Will Give Them a Competitive Advantage with Dr. Marisa Porges

In This Episode: Women’s Innate Skills

  • Learn the inherent skills of women and how to foster those skills in the younger generation
  • The importance of communication, adaptability, prioritization and taking risks 
  • Understanding the generational shift when it comes to collaboration and problem solving
  • Tips for teaching young women to practice using their voice and lean into change
  • Why you need to get serious about asking for help in achieving your personal and professional goals

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Episode Summary

Now more than ever our world needs motivated, passionate, and joyful women. Nobody knows this better than Dr. Marisa Porges, Headmaster at The Baldwin School and author of the new book What Girls Need: How to Raise Bold, Courageous, and Resilient Women. Dr. Marisa is dedicated to helping parents and educators foster critical 21st-century skills in our girls so that they can recognize their inherent strengths, and prepare them to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

In today’s world, successful people need to be adaptable, prioritize their missions, and let go of perfectionism, all of which are qualities inherently found in women. The challenges that many of us adults see in the workplace could be drastically reduced by teaching children, and girls, in particular, the power of collaboration, empathy, communication, and using their voice to make a difference. 

The lessons shared by Dr. Marisa today are applicable to every age group and are all about asking for what you need and building tools that work for you. As women are stepping into leadership roles and ownership more and more, it is all about fostering a sense of confidence from a young age so that this framework becomes the way the next generation of women navigate the world. 

Are you ready to guide the future generation of women into power while also supporting women in your own daily life? Share what female role models have inspired you to achieve what you desire personally and professionally in the comments below!


“I think we often think about the skills you need to lead or run a business or whatever spot you are in in your career. And we think we as women may have a disadvantage, particularly in male-dominated industries or entrepreneurship where there are fewer women statistically speaking. But there are some innate skills that research shows that come naturally to women, that particularly now, and in the years ahead as leadership models change, that will be our advantages.” (7:44)

“That looks different for each person, but for women in particular given how many of us rely on people in our lives to level set, in a crisis, you can’t forget that or else you will not support the mission. They go hand in hand.” (14:05)

“We often talk about adaptability as resilience in response to a change in difficulty. But adaptability is something we need on a daily basis, even if it isn’t a pandemic.” (16:46)

“Having different perspectives on something is where really interesting creative solutions come in, particularly in a time where we are all having to think so outside of the box in how we do not just our work, but live our daily lives.” (23:49)

“We need to start when children, girls, in particular, are in elementary school, pre-teen, 10 years old. Teaching them to speak up, speak out, collaborate, empathize, communicate differently, adapt, take risks, and these are the lessons they need when they are young. Because if they practice them then when they are older, it will come naturally.” (34:50)

Resources Mentioned

What Girls Need by Dr. Marisa Porges

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