#239: The Five Most Critical Nutrients and Supplements for Your Immune System

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We are still in such unprecedented territory for our lifetime, and we find ourselves grasping for anything at all that we can be doing to make sure we stay healthy.

Your body relies on several key vitamins and nutrients to protect your health, and I’m breaking down the top 5 today! These vitamins are the easiest way to support your body’s defense system.

Tune in today to hear exactly what you should be taking (beyond vitamin C) to give your body the best shot at staying healthy!

  • Exactly what is the immune system, and how can you support it?
  • Why specific vitamins and nutrients are important for immunity (and your overall health)
  • How you can use supplements to ease digestion, boost energy, improve sleep AND support immunity
  • The best way to stock up on some of these key supplements today!

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