#177: How to Boost Your Immune System by Healing Your Gut with Vincent Pedre

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • The best ways to fix your leaky gut, even if you don’t know you have it yet
  • How to protect your immune system and create a stronger gut foundation
  • Tips to help avoid viral diseases such as the COVID-19 virus through gut health
  • Ways to protect your gut while stocking up on food during a quarantine 
  • Learn about the biophysical effect stress has on your body and immune system

Episode Summary

Today Dr. Vincent Pedre is taking time off the front lines helping treat the COVID-19 virus to share recommendations on ways you can boost your immune system by restoring your gut health. The medical director of Pedre Integrative Health, founder of Dr. Pedre wellness and practicing physician in New York City since 2004, Dr. Pedre is my go-to doctor when it comes to shedding light on the organ in charge of your immune system, the gut.

Did you know that 70% of your immune system can be found in the lining of your gut? Your gut impacts your entire body, especially how your immune system responds, which is why it is extra important to take care of your gut health now so that your body can focus on keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. 

Dr. Pedre is here to shed some light on how your body, gut, and hormones work together and provide practical ways that you can boost your immune system to achieve excellent health. Your gut is your body’s foundation, and it is only by taking care of it through your diet and lifestyle that you avoid the three main reasons people suffer from increased gut permeability. 

Are you ready for ways that you can put your health as your top priority? Share how you are working to build up your gut and your immune system during these uncertain times with us in the comments below!


“There are a lot of environmental risk factors that we are exposed to, and throw in stress, and everybody is stressed about viruses, communicable disease, what’s going to happen with the stock market, all this stress is like an attack on your gut.” (12:54)

“You have to think about the gut as your foundation. If you are building a house, you don’t build the house until you have created the foundation, right?” (14:00)

“The gut is your biggest inside-outside world, it is your biggest exposure to the external world through the foods that you eat.” (26:40)

“Everybody focuses on what do I eat, what do I not eat, what supplements do I take, but the thing that a lot of people don’t talk about in relation to gut health is stress.” (29:57)

“If you do everything right but you don’t address the stress component, you are not going to resolve the gut issues.” (31:47)

“If your hormones are out of whack, also give thought to the possibility that it could be coming from your gut and it may be time to do a reset and rethink the way that you are eating.” (37:43)

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