#230: Dismantling Myths About Leaky Gut, Gut Health and Probiotics with Tina Anderson

If you are looking to improve the function of your gut and overall health, you should:

  1. Start understanding the effects of antibiotics and chemicals on your gut and actively avoid them when possible
  2. Recondition the bacteria in your gut by using spore-based probiotics that do not focus necessarily on the number count or refrigeration 
  3. Improve your immune system in the gut to fight off disease, leaky gut, and chronic illness

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Episode Summary

Gut health is on everybody’s mind recently, but did you know that a leaky gut can also cause things such as eczema, allergies, cancer, heart disease, and even Alzheimer’s? Your gut health plays an integral role in your overall health, and there is genuinely no aspect of your health that isn’t related to your gut. This is why it is so essential to understand precisely what is going on with your gut, how you can decrease inflammation, and implement the right kind of probiotics so that your gut can start functioning optimally.

The Importance of Gut Health with Tina Anderson

Tina Anderson’s journey into the world of health had a unique start and some unusual terms. Starting her career as a trial lawyer and then moving into pharmaceuticals, Tina was shocked by the prevalent attitude of pushing drugs regardless if it is in the best interest of the patient or not. Right then and there, Tina decided to turn towards the field of natural health and put her energy into disease prevention and good health maintenance. This led her to discover the connection between gut health, probiotics, and overall wellness for all. And she has made it her life’s mission to share this information with as many people as possible.

So, Why Is The Microbiome So Important?

Did you know that we are made up of more bacteria than we are human cells? Your gut bacteria are regarded by many scientists and doctors alike as your ‘second brain.’ Given the antimicrobial and chemical-filled world we live in, it is up to you to take responsibility for the health of your microbiome and its ability to impact every other aspect of your life. If you are living off hand sanitizer and products that kill 99.9% of bacteria, you may be in for a surprise by the real talk on this episode.

How to Fix Leaky Gut Through Probiotics

About 80% of the adult population in the US today has some spectrum of leaky gut, and most of us have no idea we are dealing with it because we are not attributing our symptoms to it. However, there is good news! By introducing probiotics into your gut that work on reconditioning the bacteria that you already have, you can balance out the beneficial and the pathogenic bacteria to find the right composition for your body. Today Tina is dismissing myths around the causes of leaky gut, which probiotics you should be focusing on, and how to increase diversity by working with your own microbiome so that you can connect the dots and find real solutions to restoring your bacteria to a properly functioning and healing state.

Right now, our immune system and our gut health is one of the most important things that we should be focusing on. It is up to us to work with our microbiome to create optimal functioning and healing. Despite what you may have been told, there are simple and easy solutions to balance out your gut, fix your hormone issues, and prevent disease. Which myth were you shocked to have dismantled on this episode? Please share your thoughts and gut microbiome treatment plan with us in the comments below!


“The gut is really responsible for virtually every single aspect of our overall health. In fact, it’s hard to find any disease that’s not related to an imbalance of your gut.” (11:44)

“That’s what’s so scary about it is this constant drip. And so people have a leaky gut, and they don’t even realize it, and so they are eating and eating and thinking they don’t have any gut issues, don’t have any problems. And then all of a sudden one day they are like ‘oh my gosh, I have an autoimmune disease, oh my gosh, I have heart disease, I have some type of issue, Alzheimer’s even!” (23:02)

“We want to make sure that there are more beneficial bacteria than there are pathogenic bacteria. We want a balance; we don’t want to go in and get rid of all of the pathogenic bacteria, it is really a balance of the two.” (27:18)

“You don’t create diversity by switching up your probiotic every couple months. How you create diversity is taking your own bacteria that already belongs to you and helping it come back to life.” (36:40)

“What we do know is that we have to count on our own immune system to protect us from this, because there is no treatment out there [for Covid-19] so our immune system really has to be functioning optimally, I really can’t stress this enough.” (38:30)

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the most common root causes of disruption in your gut (14:15)
  • The importance of eating clean to avoid pesticides, antibiotics, and glyphosate (18:10)
  • Why leaky gut and LPS toxins could be the leading cause of Alzheimer’s and other chronic illness (23:08)
  • How probiotics can help you protect your microflora and provide important benefits to your overall health (26:27)
  • Dismissing some of the biggest myths surrounding probiotics and how they actually show up in the gut (29:10)
  • Learn about the impact of the gut microbiome on the resilience of the immune system (37:38)

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