#297: Is It Possible to “Have It All” as a Mom Today?

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In This Episode:

Life throws you so many curveballs that it can leave you wondering if THIS, where you are right now, is what it’s all about.

Today I’m sharing a healthy dose of perspective that hopefully will be an encouragement that you ARE enough: you are beautiful, strong, capable, and powerful—even in the moments where you don’t feel like it.

You deserve to feel satisfied and empowered by your life, and I hope that after listening that is what you walk away feeling! Tune in to hear:

  • How motherhood fit into my “life plans” and what I’ve learned over the past year
  • The importance of finding your “why” and going for it, whatever that means for you
  • When “having it all” doesn’t have to mean “doing it all”—and how to check yourself on this every single day
  • How surrender fits into my daily life and how I’ve made peace with the way things are right now
  • And more!

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