#331: How Pelvic Floor Affects Our Overall Health with Erica Ziel

If You Want to Improve Your Pelvic Floor Health, You Should:

  1. Stop thinking about your body as individual muscles and instead think of it as a whole entity 
  2. Pay attention to your symptoms and how they may be related to pelvic floor dysfunction
  3. Seek out a specialist to get an opinion on how you can strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core

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Episode Summary

When it comes to pelvic floor issues, a lot of women struggle in silence. But the truth is, there is so much that we can do to correct pelvic floor issues while improving our overall health. While very few people talk about pelvic floor health, it can impact your body as a whole, even if you have never had babies. This is why it is so essential to understand what is going on with your pelvis so that you can get back to living life without worrying about where the closest bathroom is.

Getting to the Root Cause of Your Imbalance with Erica Ziel

Erica Ziel is a mom of three, an FDN Practitioner, certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, health and nutrition coach, and deep core exercise specialist. Her mission is to help women live healthier lives and heal their bodies through movement, wellness, intuition, and breathwork. Erica is the founder and creator of Core Athletica®️, The Core Rehab Program, Knocked-Up Fitness®️, and The Core Connections Podcast host. She believes that anything you want to improve your health and life, you can!

Everything in the Body Is Connected

Erica believes that we have to stop looking at the body as individual muscles and instead focus on how our body as a whole is working. While it is very rare for any woman to be in perfect alignment, it is crucial to look at how the right and left sides of your body work together to identify where dysfunction may be causing a problem. 

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and stubborn weight around the pelvis can all be signs of pelvic floor dysfunction, even if you aren’t having specific pelvic symptoms. By working to correct the imbalances of your pelvic position and release the tension in your fascia, you can get your deep core working for you again.

The Problem with Kegels

As women, we have been told to follow traditional ab exercises and pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels. But these movements could actually be leading to my dysfunction and weakness than if you engage with core exercises that activate your pelvic floor the right way. Erica’s work helps women strengthen the pelvic floor fascia and their deep core muscles to hold up the organs more effectively and relieve pelvic floor symptoms.

It is time to ditch the mindset of going faster and harder to gain results. Your pelvic floor is asking you to slow down and take care of your body now so that you can speed up later. It is only by getting to the root cause of our pelvic floor imbalance that we can get out of pain and dysfunction once and for all.

Are you ready to start paying attention to this vital part of your body to improve your overall health? Share what shocked you most about your pelvic floor with me in the comments below!


“We are understanding that we have this right side of our body and the left side of our body, and if one side is really overcompensating, it is telling me that there is a reason.” (8:18)

“I am of the belief that we can really and truly heal our body when we start to learn about our body.”  (8:48)

“There is so much more to strengthening our core than just doing ‘abdominal exercises.’ In order to really, properly strengthen our deep core, we have got to bring awareness to what our pelvic floor is doing.” (15:32)

“If you have diastasis recti or if you have back pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, stuff like that, I would say that you should learn more about your pelvic floor. Because there is a really high chance that there is some pelvic floor dysfunction going on, you just aren’t having symptoms yet.” (21:59)

“Our body has this incredible innate ability to heal and get stronger than we have ever been. We just have to get our ego brain out of the way.” (25:53)

In This Episode

  • Discover the root causes that are causing your pelvic pain, even if you have never had babies (7:08)
  • Learn about fascia and why you need to be paying attention to yours (9:59)
  • The first thing that you should do if you want to improve your pelvic floor and overall health (14:37)
  • What you can do to activate your pelvic floor as a whole and minimize pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms (21:20)
  • When you should get involved with a pelvic floor specialist (26:38)

Resources Mentioned

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