#406: Top 10 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Supplements

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When was the last time you had to buy a generic supplement at Walgreens or Target?

I was recently out of Vitamin D and my husband needed it, so I took a look while at my local Target and was absolutely SHOCKED at what I found.

The FDA requires supplement manufacturers to list all “non-medical” ingredients on the label–but it’s up to YOU to learn those terms and how they affect you.

Catch today’s eye-opening podcast for a breakdown of the TOP 10 WORST INGREDIENTS you might find on a supplement label, including why they’re used and how they affect your body–and learn:

  • Which supplements are the biggest offenders
  • What types of ingredients are used and why
  • The difference between active and inactive ingredients 
  • The top 10 WORST inactive ingredients to avoid in your supplements

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One Response to #406: Top 10 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Supplements

  1. Cindy August 30, 2022 at 2:00 pm #

    I take CanPrev Vitamin D3/K2 and they put coconut oil in it. It’s awesome!

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