#426: 10 Most Common Reasons Your Glucose Levels Are Rising Up

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Episode Summary

The absolute LATEST research on metabolic health came out a few months ago and the percentage of adults struggling with some degree of metabolic dysfunction has been UPDATED.

It is now a whopping 92%… which is up from the record high 88% back in 2018! 

This is directly related to rising blood sugar levels AND insulin resistance. 

Catch today’s episode to find out the 10 most common reasons we are seeing these rising levels, as well as things you can do RIGHT NOW to flatten your glucose curve quickly–and learn:

  • How rising blood glucose levels can destroy your body
  • The 10 most common things causing these catastrophic rises 
  • 4 ways you should test your fasting glucose ASAP
  • 11 quick and easy ways to flatten your glucose curve at home

Resources Mentioned

Gluco Support – The Blood Sugar-Balancer 

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