#414: The Best Time to Intermittent Fast During the Day to Boost Your Metabolism and Balance Your Blood Sugar

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Intermittent fasting continues to be all the rage, but what if we get the timing wrong? 

Current research points to endless benefits of intermittent fasting, no matter which method you choose to embark on. 

But the most recent research published in JAMA shows that early time-restricted eating is more effective than eating in a 12-hour window during the day.  

Catch today’s cutting-edge podcast for everything you need to know about early time-restricted fasting (aka reverse fasting), as well as three easy ways to get started today–and learn:

  • The top benefits of intermittent fasting
  • What early time-restricted fasting actually means 
  • How early time-restricted fasting actually works
  • Why eating with your circadian rhythm is SO important
  • Three easy ways to get started right now

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