#381: Change Your Breakfast with These Thermogenic Foods for More Energy All Day Long

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What we eat for breakfast will either make or break our energy and metabolism for the day and YES, I am even talking about the added sugar in your coffee or tea to start your day.  

It’s important that the first meal you eat to break your fast, on any given day, is a meal that doesn’t cause a blood sugar spike and crash… Because your first meal will set the tone for the rest of your day! It’s the difference-maker between you craving sugary snacks all day long OR you feeling full and energized.  

Choose your breakfast well and you’ll feel and function better throughout the day. 

Tune in to today’s podcast for KEY information on how to break your fast that will empower you to maintain amazing energy and metabolic health, including:  

  • Mind-blowing fact about what may be lurking in your breakfast 
  • A take-home list of dangerous breakfast foods and drinks to avoid
  • What happens to your blood sugar after a sugary breakfast 
  • How to break your fast properly (including which foods to eat!)
  • A step-by-step guide for creating a metabolic BOOSTING morning routine
  • The inside scoop on incorporating intermittent fasting into your lifestyle

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