#435: The Most Effective Way to Transform Your Self Image with Tonya Leigh

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Episode Summary

Are you letting the world decide your worth? Subconsciously, a lot of us are seeking evidence against ourselves and don’t believe that we can achieve who we want to become, but this simply isn’t true. By asking yourself the right questions about who you want to be, you can begin to shift the mental picture you have of yourself and stop settling for a life that isn’t serving you.

Transforming Your Self-Image with Tonya Leigh

Tonya Leigh is a Certified Master Life Coach who is on a mission to help 5,000 women create their after stories by transforming their self-image. Her unique and simple 5-step framework is transforming how women see themselves and, therefore, what’s possible in their lives.

As the founder of the School of Self-Image, Tonya has worked with Oprah and the IKEA Life Improvement Project and has spoken to global audiences on a wide array of topics ranging from being a strong, feminine woman in today’s world to embracing entrepreneurship as a fun and spiritual journey.

Getting What You Deserve

Just like it is hard to change your thinking when surrounded by negative people, having a negative self-image can keep you stuck in your limiting beliefs. Allowing the world to determine your worth leads you to second-guessing and self-sabotaging yourself, and you deserve way more out of life.

Tonya wants to challenge you to think about your mindset, environment, and style and how they could be more aligned with who you truly want to become. By taking small, incremental steps every day, you can compound these changes into the big, inspired action you are seeking.

Discovering your Most Authentic Self

Changing your self-image can feel daunting and overwhelming. But by asking yourself questions about who you want to be and rediscovering your most authentic self, you can build your life and self-image around your answers so that you can attract more of what you want into your life.

By taking these small steps and collecting evidence, your beliefs surrounding your ability to be who you want will also start to change. When you can fall in love with the practice of becoming and truly believe that you are capable of the life and person you want, anything is possible.

Are you ready to show up for your desires and shift your self-image? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


“You can change the outside, but if you don’t change the inside, you will sabotage yourself over and over again.” (9:11)

“It is almost like you have to see yourself as the CEO of your mind and your life. And a lot of ya’ll have some employees right now that you need to fire!” (17:43)

“Everything that you want and don’t yet have, however is in the unknown. And you have to be willing to feel the discomfort of stepping into that. You have to in order to change.” (19:15)

“The bigger the decisions, the bigger the reward. But also, the bigger you that is going to be called for.” (22:36)

“It is doing the little daily things to uplevel your style, mindset, and environment, to match that woman that has created what you want. And that is how we create extraordinary things.” (27:11)

In This Episode

  • What self-image is and why it is so important for women in particular (7:58)
  • Discover the trilogy of setpoints that you can work on to transform your own self-image (10:30)
  • How to start to move in the right direction towards the woman that you want to be (15:52)
  • Recommendations for implementing micro-changes to make change and transition easier (19:49)
  • The most effective way to change your self-image (24:52)

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