#356: You’re Always One Thought Away from Living a Life You Love with Kerry Tepedino

If You Want to Harness Your Mindset to Create a Life You Love, You Should:

  1. Figure out your ‘why’ that will subconsciously keep pushing you towards your goals
  2. Make your own ‘List of 5’ when you are not in a moment of distress
  3. Get curious and get interested in why your emotions keep showing up in the way that they do

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Episode Summary

Your thoughts have the ability to help you unlock the areas you feel most stuck in, move through the emotions you have a hard time processing, and feel more confident on the other side. All it takes is an openness to reassess your mindset, stop being afraid of overwhelm, and move towards your next breakthrough.

If you want to become the witness of your emotions and become the expert on how to change your reaction to them through one single thought, this episode will transform you and help you create the life that you want.

Have you ever considered that the transformation that you are seeking could be on the other side of just one single thought? Tuning up your mindset, beliefs, and how you approach difficult life situations could be the key to helping you get unstuck and experience the life you have dreamed of. All it takes is a few simple steps and an openness to a new way of thinking.

The Power of Mindset With Kerry Tepedino

Kerry Tepedino has made her mark as a top leader in the personal development space for women. Aside from being my physical neighbor, she is who I turn to in order to check my mindset and emotions and bring me back to a place of emotional mastery.

Kerry has bloomed from a hard background of low self-esteem, weight issues, and confidence issues and is a real-life example of the power of mindset. She has helped 150,000+ people worldwide learn the tools of mindset mastery, emotional mastering, loving themselves, and believes that with the proper mentorship, community, and strategies, anything is possible.

You Are One Thought Away From a New Life

It does not take a lot of work to shift the direction that you want to go to in life. By embracing the endless possibilities and opportunities that are out there for us, anything can be figured out. The solution to your worries can be better than you ever imagined; all it takes is reframing your thought process through Kerry’s game-changing techniques.

We are always one thought away from creating the life that we have always dreamed of, love, and feel good for ourselves. By embracing Kerry’s techniques that can help you overcome daily obstacles, stuck emotional moments and help to fine-tune your mindset mastery, you can bring yourself to a new level of life that you never thought possible.

Every Emotion Is Part of the Plan

Life starts with the way that you think. Your brain naturally wants to hook into something, which is why having clarity on your vision and your ‘why’ are so important, even on a subconscious level. By utilizing Kerry’s techniques, you can get in touch with your inner energy and understand why and how your emotions are showing up for you.

Being engaged with the dance of life can help you realize that you are only one thought away from every decision that you make. Shifting your relationship and understanding of your emotions, while also doing the big work necessary to transform the energy in your body, can have an amazing impact on your mind, physical, mental, emotional, and hormonal health, and so much more.

Are you ready to check your mindset and stop letting your thoughts get in the way of your future happiness and opportunities? Share what you loved most about Kerry’s perspective with me in the comments section of the episode page.


“I really got to make a decision. Keep doing what you are doing, and slowly die, your spirit, your dreams, what you really want for your life. And for me physically as well because I had an eating disorder. Or, pick yourself up, girl! Pick yourself up, and let’s figure this freaking out. Because nothing happens on its own, it happens when we have a vision, and we have a relentless commitment to that vision.” (10:17)

“You are one thought away from being happy today, or not. From being healthy today, or not. From picking yourself up off the bathroom floor, or not. You are one thought away.” (12:55)

“We don’t dream things that aren’t attainable. We dream things that are resonating with us because on some level, this is something that we want.” (21:58)

“Get curious and interested. And become the witness of what you are feeling.” (29:32)

“No matter what your current age, size, economic status, religious status, whatever, let’s talk because if anything has resonated, there is a reason. Let’s talk; because I have always trusted the process.” (38:22)

In This Episode

  • The first step to cultivating the feel-good energy and the positive vision you know you are meant for (11:12)
  • How to use the ‘List of Five’ method to shift your mindset to taking different actions (14:54)
  • Tips for embarking on an emotional mastery journey and how to get out of the pattern of your emotions getting the best of you (23:52)
  • Why having a support system can be a sign of strength when it comes to mastering your emotions (31:08)
  • The biggest needle movers in self-care that can clear the way of your trigger points and move you into a place of possibility (33:53)

Resources Mentioned

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