#447: Master Your Mindset to Manifest Your BEST Life with Dr. Cheryl Wood

If You Want to Manifest Your Best Life, You Should:

  1. Challenge and interrupt the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  2. Be consistent with positive affirmations, even if the results take time
  3. Practice gratitude and fully embrace the positive energy necessary to make your dreams a reality

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Episode Summary

I know from first-hand experience that if you let limiting beliefs rule your life, they will. Creating success and a life that you love can only be done with the right mindset and belief that you are worthy of everything that you desire. Gratitude, joy, success, and happiness are within your reach; all you have to do is adjust your beliefs and mindset to achieve them.

Living a Life of Passion and Purpose

Dr. Cheryl Wood is a 2x TEDx International Empowerment Speaker and 19x Best-Selling Author. She specializes in empowering women globally with the tools to master their mindset in order to manifest a life they’re in love with. She teaches women strategies to boldly pursue their big dreams, face their fears, challenge their negative inner talk, and develop increased confidence on their journey to living a life of passion and purpose.

Opening the Door to Possibilities

Giving yourself permission to let go of what is not serving you or what society says you should want can be uncomfortable. But putting yourself on the back burner and prioritizing other people’s happiness instead of your own can be exhausting. 

Your patterns are connected to your beliefs, which are connected to your mindset. It is only by immersing yourself into your mindset that you can change your beliefs and habits and create a life that you love and that is in love with you right back.

Gratitude is Mandatory

Short, powerful affirmations and statements of gratitude can help you overcome your negative beliefs and self-talk and release the patterns that are no longer serving you. The intangible ideas inside of you can begin to grow when you are patient, consistent, and truly believe that you are working on a life that you are in love with.

You are more powerful than you know, and your choice to stand in your ability to choose who you are going to be throughout each season of your life is what makes you a strong woman. Every day you have the power to embrace your ability to try again and cultivate a mindset that will serve your future self.

Are you ready to cultivate the mindset that is going to lead you to a life that you love? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!


“It is okay to acknowledge that there is something deeper; there is something connected to you as a woman that you want to fulfill.” (9:22)

“There is something about your patterns that are connected to your beliefs that are connected to your mindset. [The question] is how do I change the mindset so that I can change the beliefs and change the patterns so that you can get somewhere different.” (13:07)

“At some point, you have to be courageous enough to confront the very things that were taught to you, and you believed in your whole life, and unpack those things and undo those things and create something new.” (16:50)

“It is okay if you don’t feel it immediately. It is okay if you don’t get the goosebumps initially. Give yourself the opportunity!” (28:46)

“Keep showing up in the world as the authentic you, and knowing that you are so amazing just as you are. Even as you are working on your ‘stuff’.” (37:21)

In This Episode

  • How to push through the status quo in order to find your happiness (12:19)
  • Tips for mastering your mindset through affirmation techniques (17:54)
  • What you should be looking for when creating affirmations that will actually stick (23:07)
  • Why you need to shut down limiting beliefs in order to experience abundance (28:17)
  • How to set the tone of your day through the powerful source of gratitude (33:03)

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