#149: Why Mindfulness and Mindset Are Key to Healing Miracles with Elaina Ray

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What we’re talking about in this episode

  • How to leverage self-mastery to create what you want in your life
  • The three questions you should ask yourself when you feel triggered
  • Ways to be brutally honest with yourself while still treating yourself with grace 
  • Mindset shifts that can change your life and your capacity for wellness 
  • Why you should give yourself permission to make mistakes
  • Four elements to inject into your daily routine to increase intention and intuition  

Episode Summary

Elaina Ray is a self-mastery coach who helps entrepreneurs understand their subconscious mind and remove blind spots to level up their careers, relationships, and health. After leaving her dream job of traveling the world working for major corporations, Elaina realized that although she had a dream life, she was not truly happy. 

What followed was a journey of self-transformation that resulted in defining self-mastery, claiming her space in the world and gaining clarity on her purpose. Now, Elaina’s passion is to help others break their patterns of limiting beliefs, tap into their subconscious and start leveraging their own mindfulness. 

Through the deepening of your self-awareness and listening to what your body needs, Elaina believes you can interweave health, happiness, and grace into your daily routine to increase intuition and gain clarity. Mindfulness and mindset are the keys to activating any vision you hold for yourself, including healing miracles. Elaina is here today to set up the foundation you need to thrive.

You deserve to create the life that you want to live and feel happy and healthy. Through the journey of discovering that you are love itself, you can accelerate your growth in all areas of your life and gain clarity on what you are truly meant to do in this world.

Are you ready to claim your space and discover self-mastery? Share your story with us in the comments below!


“I define self-mastery as really making the unconscious conscious in a very simple way.” (12:26)

“Mindfulness to me is ultimately about power. So if you want to be powerful, you have to be fully aware of yourself in every moment.” (20:54)

“It’s not about having the perfect meditation practice, it’s not about slowing down and crawling through life at a snail’s pace. It is getting back in your power and allowing every single opportunity for growth to be harnessed so that you can rise to the next level again and again.” (22:02)

“Gradually all of those decisions confirmed my intuition, I was building that self-trust and I did it in an experimental way.” (33:55)

“Bringing awareness first to your mindset is the first step to be able to go ‘okay how can I course correct this and have my sanity as I change and grow?’” (39:56)

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