#46: Reset Your Hormones To Lose Weight and Banish Fatigue with Dr. Mariza


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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • How to lose that weight that won’t go away no matter what you do
  • Regaining your energy and getting your groove back
  • Specific hormones that play a role in your metabolism, energy, and stress
  • The best essential oils and home blends to support every aspect of your health
  • Proven workouts to help you blast the fat and focus on the right areas

Episode Summary:

So many women deal with constant exhaustion, unexplained or stubborn weight, brain fog, crazy cravings, and unrelenting stress, and don’t know why. For many, your hormone imbalance could be to blame! That is why I am dedicating today’s episode to tackling the two most common issues I hear from women, which is how to tackle stubborn weight and constant exhaustion.

If you don’t feel at home in your own body and can’t recognize the stranger in the mirror, it is time to make a shift. You can reset your hormones with a few natural and effective tools like food, exercise, supplements, and essential oils, and get your life back on track. Were discussing the major role cortisol plays in your estrogen and thyroid, how to dial down your HPA access and which supplements can improve your hormone levels, plus much more.

Resetting your hormones can help you lose weight, banish fatigue and get your life back. You have permission to dream bigger than you ever have before about your life, health, and wellbeing. Why not get started today? Let me know in the comments on the episode page how your journey is going!


“Through trial and error and digging into the research, I healed my hormone chaos, got my energy back, lost that stubborn weight, and finally began to feel like myself again. And I’m here to share these protocols and remedies with you so that you can get your body back on track” (9:55)

“All these hormones are talking to each other, connecting with one another, so when one leg of the stool falls, a lot of the other ones are going to step in to overcompensate or they’re gonna also deregulate as well.” (22:08)

“If you are thinking about how you deserve health, and you start doing the actions that are going to help you get there, you are going to become the person that you know you can be.” (24:17)

“If you are looking for instant energy any time of the day, like move over caffeine, move over sugar. This is a sugar-free caffeinated free way to get instant energy, boost that focus and concentration, and get back in the game for whatever you’re doing no matter what time of day.” (42:01)

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