#47: Healing Secrets of the Microbiome with Dr. Pedram Shojai

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Prioritizing your work-life balance and the many facets of self-care
  • How to bring mindfulness and yoga into your everyday life
  • Figuring out a way to take care of yourself while putting your kids or others first
  • Core things that you can begin to implement into the life you should be living
  • The research that your doctors might not know that could save your health

Episode Summary:

It is sad to say, but our current healthcare system tends to focus on big pharma, keeping our patients sick and feeding everyone the same information. Dr. Pedram Shojai saw this lack of knowledge in the filed and said enough is enough. Since then, he has written multiple books, produced many films and works as an advocate for anybody who needs a change in the operating system and wants to think more clearly about how they view health on a day to day basis.

Well versed on topics ranging from kung-fu, Buddhism and the importance of our gut health, Dr. Shojai is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration for anyone looking to change gears towards your health. Today we are diving into how to live life with intention, focus on your internal wellbeing, and explore the hidden secrets of your microbiome.

While many of us believe that a vacation is all we need to reset our body and our mind, it takes much more than that to truly being to take care of yourself. Learn concrete tips for meditation and sustainability, why you might need to change the way your body operates, and the importance of thinking for yourself.

If you are sick of being blindly lead by doctors, are looking for information on your microbiome, want to learn how to curate your diet and seek optimal results for your specific body, this episode is for you. An epic and real talk about how sick our society is and what we can do to fix it, today’s episode will help you create a framework to live your best healthy balanced life.

How do you reset and take care of yourself? Let us know in the comments below!


“I’m wanting to eradicate illness, and all I’m paid for, is frankly, to be honest, there are no incentives to even keeping people well because the money is all in treating sick people, right?” (6:29)

“Oh my God, who the hell wants to be normal!? Normal gets sick, normal has chronic disease, normal is being told what to wear by the Kardashians. Normal is not normal, right? Normal has become zombies in this world that we live in. So if you are trying to be normal you might as well check yourself in and get a hospital bed” (19:57)

“The answer isn’t probiotics, it’s to live probiotically, and its so hard to get through our thick skulls because we have been so trained to be like, ‘Okay, what’s the pill?’” (27:16)

“Cancer is cancer and it sucks. But then you start looking at the psychology of the person who says that, and you start looking at the toxicity levels in the microbiome, and then just the psyche that starts to develop around somebody who goes toxic, stays toxic, and instead of trying to heal themselves sort of leans into it.” (36:27)


Resources Mentioned:

Well.org Website

The Urban Monk Website

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  1. Tricia Vargas December 11, 2018 at 8:37 am #

    Wow,wow,wow!!!! What an incredible podcast! You have the coolest friends ,Mariza! My mind is reeling over all this incredible information. Anti biotics.against life, that really really stuck with me.

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