#45: Regenerating Your Sexual Health with The Sexual Soulmate Pact w/ Susan Bratton


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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Different ways to support your libido and turn it back on
  • Simple things to do before lovemaking to change the game on your desire for your partner
  • The soulmate embrace, sexual soulmate pacts, and the expanded orgasm practice
  • Learn how relaxation techniques can be used to get yourself aroused
  • How to make sure that your hormones are functioning properly to increase your libido


Episode Summary:

Are you ready to spice things up but are having trouble feeling connected to your partner or getting yourself to want to have sex? A common problem for so many women, Susan Bratton struggled with her own intimacy issues before saying enough is enough and dedicating herself to revive the passion. The ‘Dear Abby of Sex’ and trusted sex advisor to millions, Susan acts as a champion for thriving relationships and rediscovering the power of great sex.

Advanced orgasm techniques, bedroom communication skills, and sexual health and longevity are Susan’s pillars of sexual vitality, and she is sharing all of the ways you can achieve this with us today. Learn many practical ways you can begin to heal, connect and create pleasure with your partner to absorb the gift that we were co-created to share.

It is time to rediscover what you loved about your partner when you first met, and get on the pleasure spectrum by putting full attention on yourself. It is possible to go from no libido to a renaissance of pleasure through simple things like genital massage, hormonal balance, soulmate embraces and a great salad dressing.

Get ready for some straight talk to get your sex life back on track and bridge the orgasm gap. Discover the techniques that saved Susan’s marriage and turned her into the orgasmic goddess she is today.

Have you tried Susan’s tips to regenerate your sexual health? Let us know how you keep things pleasurable with your partner in the comments below!


“I have been there, and I have helped so many people come back to the passion that they had when they first got together.” (8:07)

“I really wanted to help couples actually have those moments of pure passionate pleasure in their lovemaking together. Where both man and woman were very satisfied by the experience.” (11:17)

“The bottom line is that you are a homo sapien. And a homo sapien is part of the animal kingdom. And for as much as we love those big brains we carry around in our head, our bodies and our hormones are in control” (31:00)

“When you get to that level with each other, that’s when sex gets very good. That’s when you start wanting it instead of needing to make yourself want it. That’s when you stop relying on soul mate embraces and genital massage, because you are already turned on because you are having so much sex that you stay engorged over the days of the week cause you’ve had sex a couple times and now you’re just like alright where are we today, what do I need to know, what sounds fun?” (32:58)


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