#466: How Gut Health Affects Hormones with Steven Wright

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Episode Summary

There are countless gut-health connections that can radically change your life and many of them may surprise you… especially the connection between your gut and your hormones!

In this episode, Dr. Mariza and renowned gut-health expert Steven Wright discuss the importance of a “healthy gut” and how supplementation can help virtually anyone suffering from chronic health issues. 

You’ll hear about the power of digestive enzymes as an anti-aging tool, lifestyle changes that can improve overall health, and HCL Guard – a product containing intrinsic factor and ginger root extract for improved digestion. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more about gut health and how you can restore it with simple changes in diet and supplementation!


Steven is an accomplished athlete, consultant, entrepreneur, gut-health expert, and co-founder of The Healthy Gut Company. 

His health journey started like many of ours, where he had debilitating fatigue, pain, and bloating due to poor digestion. Steven was eventually diagnosed with IBS and tried everything–until finally, hundreds of thousands of dollars later, he created a regimen that worked and began healing every system in his body. 

Today, he shares that regimen with you.


“So this idea that we can just eat organic and our problems that we have accumulated will go away… but it’s accumulated damage. I don’t care if you’re 20 or 50 or 80, you’re accumulating damage your entire lifetime and you’re not healing it… the supplements are extremely helpful in correcting whatever dysfunction has happened.”

“I can eat pizza again with my kids. My skin’s clearing up, my hair is coming back. And so I think people really misunderstand how important our gut function is.”

“So our environment is way more impactful on our bodies then I think we acknowledge and we’re not giving it up anytime soon.’

“For me, speaking as a person anecdotally with an autoimmune condition like hashimoto’s thyroiditis, I find that there are so many other ancillary benefits to taking digestive enzymes and I know that there’s been research that kind of shows that as well.”

In This Episode

1. Gut Health

2. Supplementation for Chronic Health Issues

3. Lifestyle Changes that Improve Overall Health

4. Digestive Enzymes as an Anti-Aging Tool

5. HCL Guard – Product Containing Intrinsic Factor & Ginger Root Extract

6. Benefits of Systemic Enzymes & Their Use Before Bedtime

Resources Mentioned

HCL Guard

Holozyme Digestive Enzymes

Steven Wright’s Story

Steven Wright’s Website

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