#63: Hidden Reasons Your Chronic Skin Rashes Won’t Go Away with Jennifer Fugo

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Recognizing the shame and embarrassment related to skin issues
  • Finding out what is going on underneath the skin that needs support
  • How your gut microbiome and skin microbiome constantly communicate
  • Where to get started when trying to clean up your chronic skin problems
  • Simple steps that you can start right now in order to heal your body today

Episode Summary:

Jennifer Fugo knows what it is like to live life with a chronic skin disease, and the intense impact it has on all aspects of your life. After she was able to cure her own eczema through healing her gut issues and naturopathic medicine, Jennifer knew she needed to take this knowledge to the world to help those who have been failed by functional medicine.

More and more people are dealing with chronic skin issues that don’t get any better, and it is time to put that to rest. Jennifer is here to provide you with tools to ensure you are steering yourself in the right direction, advocating for your condition, and finding a way to properly align your body and heal from the inside out. Jennifer has a client-based approach since she herself started out as a patient, and is dedicated to helping provide a clear understanding of what is going on in your body and how you can fix your internal issues.

In order to clear your skin issues, you need to be determined and patient for the journey ahead. Jennifer is providing a realistic look at what healing chronic skin issues can look like, giving you tools that you can begin to implement today and letting you know what foods are foundational to help support your gut microbiome. It is time to address what is going on underneath the surface and love your skin again.

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“There is this whole group of people out there, women, men, and especially children and babies, that are struggling without the capacity to get much help because of conventional dermatology” (10:34)

“There are 15 different root causes that can trigger these skin issues that underly the problem, and the skin is the last piece of the totem pole” (18:03)

“If you have chronic skin problems and you have never taken a look at what’s going on in your gut, that is a big blind spot that you need to begin addressing now” (20:09)

“We can get things that are helpful from the conventional route. Let’s utilize those things and combine them with functional testing that’s appropriate and gets you answers” (32:29)

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