#65: The Food Revolution Movement with Ocean Robbins

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Why disease may be typical but it does not have to be normal
  • How to change your own personal eating habits to impact an industry
  • Simple action steps and recipes to put better nutrition habits into practice
  • The importance of creating a connection and community around food
  • Changing your body and the world with your fork and your knife

Episode Summary:

A lifetime of eating the standard American diet left Ocean Robbin’s family in multiple health crisis’s. Through a change in diet and lifestyle, they saw the incredible role that food plays in our overall wellbeing. Now Ocean is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the huge impact that what we eat has on our health and our lives, and how you can start to make a change today.

Author of The 31 Day Food Revolution, Ocean is here to share his vision for the future of how we should produce, process and consume food. Ocean is all about making healthy eating accessible to all, educating on the risks of our current standard diet and easy ways for you to control the landscape of what goes into your body.

We all have different motivators and first steps to make the change to healthy living. Regardless of your reasoning, the first step to making a change is through your diet, and the results can be miraculous. Ocean is dedicated to helping everyone find a pathway towards the vibrant health you deserve and is sharing his passion with us today.

There really is no excuse for not beginning to change the way you think and approach food every single day, and the first step starts with you. By joining the food revolution and incorporating healthy eating into your life on a daily basis, you contribute to a brighter future for all of us.

Are you ready to get started on taking steps to a healthier future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


“We have seen in our family that when we eat the standard American diet, we get the standard American diseases. But we’ve also seen what can happen when we make a change” (13:03)

“The reality is you can slash your odds of getting most of the major chronic diseases of our time just by eating the right foods” (19:33)

“The key is you want to learn to love foods that love you back” (31:27)

“Each of us needs to take steps from where we are to where we want to go. And what those steps are is as diverse as the human race. But every one of us can do something” (42:19)

Resources Mentioned:

The 31 Day Food Revolution Website

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