#66: How to Release Anxiety and Build Confidence with Dr. Joan Rosenburg

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What we’re talking about is this episode!

  • Understanding that your unpleasant feelings are there for your protection
  • How to move through the eight unpleasant feelings within ninety seconds
  • Questions to ask yourself when dealing with unpleasant feelings in the moment
  • Creating more confidence in yourself through six basic formats
  • Strategies to manage your anxiety and develop your emotional skillset

Episode Summary:

The ability to build confidence and master your anxiety is an issue that is becoming ever more urgent in what has become a near-constant pressure cooker of a society for many of us. Dr. Joan Rosenburg, Ph.D., psychologist, corporate consultant, and creator of emotional mastery training, recognized the need to help people move through unpleasant emotions and heal their emotional wounds in order to cultivate lasting confidence. Dr. Rosenburg’s practices are based off a foundation of resilience and authenticity, and she has created a step by step guide to help you manage your difficult feelings and live your most confident life.

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Today Dr. Rosenburg is giving us a glimpse into how to develop confidence, why people struggle with unpleasant feelings, and the necessity to take risks in order to push your boundaries and release your fear of the outcome. She breaks down how our bodily sensations help us understand our emotions, the connection between unpleasant feelings and confidence and making sense of what is triggering your emotions.

By choosing awareness instead of avoidance you can better be in touch with your daily feelings and gain closure and clarity around some of your biggest internal worries. Dr. Rosenburg is changing lives with her knowledge around anxiety, emotions, and confidence, and is here to help you gain clarity and create actions that best serve your emotional wellbeing.

Do you struggle with the issues that Dr. Rosenburg touches on? Let us know in the comments below!


“As much as the way we think gets in our way and helps us feel worse about ourselves as opposed to better, what I found is that people really struggle with dealing with unpleasant feelings” (15:28)

“If somebody remembers the formula one choice, eight feelings, ninety seconds, then they can actually lean right into those unpleasant feelings” (23:17)

“If you approach your relationship from the standpoint that you are seeing the other person as well-intentioned, that you are well-intentioned for them and they are well-intentioned for you, then it is like don’t hold onto the hurt. They are not trying to hurt you” (31:00)

“As we speak we come to know ourselves and develop confidence, and its as we take action that’s when we build confidence” (42:29)

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