#91: Which Diet Is ACTUALLY The Healthiest & How To Manage Anxiety with Ease & Grace with Liz Moody

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Understanding how to use CBD and other supplements correctly for your body
  • Ways to convince the people that you love to eat healthy food with you
  • The profound impact green smoothies can have on your health and anxiety
  • How the absence of community can impact your health and wellbeing
  • Natural solutions to help manage your anxiety while traveling or on the go

Episode Summary

Liz Moody is a rockstar in the areas of all things wellness. Former director of mindbodygreen.com, wellness writer and food editor, Liz is an expert on the latest diet trends, health issues, and workout crazes, and is sharing her insider information with all of us today. Focused on creating community through healthy food and managing anxiety naturally, Liz and her new book, Healthier Together, want to help you weave through the web of health fads to find what specifically works for you.

Do you want to know what diet trend will be sticking around, and which one is a total joke? What about how to nurture your gut throughout the day, find natural ways to deal with anxiety, or get your partner to join you in some healthier decisions? Liz has learned from the country’s best doctors and specialists to create an environment for health to thrive and is here today to reintroduce healthy food as something that can be shared.

When you surround yourself with people who are making healthy choices, it is proven that you will be more likely to make those choices too. Don’t force your partner to eat better, learn how to turn nutritious foods into a connection rather than a chore. Liz is providing the details on what you should be looking for, what you should avoid, and everything in between when it comes to wellness culture.

Do you love to create new healthy recipes with the people that you love? Share your favorite snacks below!


“I think of myself as the person who can combine that really delicious crave-worthy food, but also who can back it up with the real health information that can change your body, that can change your mental health and change how you feel in a real way.” (8:17)

“Everything is designed to balance your blood sugar and your hormones and all of that, but it is really delicious crave-worthy food.” (21:44)

“If all you do is replace your breakfast with a green smoothie, you have already consumed more vegetables before noon than most people consume in an entire week.” (35:37)

“I think it is important for people like us, who people see making these choices, to know that it is not easy, but we are making them anyways in the name of living a satisfying life.” (47:32)

Resources Mentioned

Healthier Together by Liz Moody

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