#93: The Menstrual Cycle Is the 5th Vital Sign with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Valuing your menstrual cycle as an important indicator to your overall health
  • Subtle signs that you can only recognize when charting your menstrual cycle
  • Looking at your ovulation and cervical mucus patterns to understand your body better
  • Why your menstrual cycle is important regardless of whether you want to have children
  • Basic lifestyle guidelines to help support your menstrual cycle and hormones

Episode Summary

We all know the important indicators to our overall health such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and so on, but what about your menstrual cycle? You may not realize it, but your menstrual cycle can provide essential information into how your body is functioning and act as an early warning sign when things may be going wrong under the surface.

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack is a certified fertility awareness educator and holistic reproductive health practitioner who is passionate about introducing your menstrual cycle as the fifth vital sign to provide an unparalleled window into your health. On this episode, Lisa showcases how you can gain control of your period by charting your menstrual cycle and using this information to avoid or achieve pregnancy. She also discusses signs to catch your unusual symptoms at a subclinical level to avoid problems later on, and ways to adjust your daily lifestyle habits to better support your cycle.

Charting your cycle can help you realize things you may have missed, and create a validating response to the symptoms you have been feeling all along. When you understand the role of your menstrual cycle and cervical mucus can play on everything from your mood to energy levels, you can prepare yourself with powerful tools to empower your body.

Lisa is determined to debunk the myths surrounding ovulation, pregnancy, birth control and more as she provides the road map to help repair your relationship with your menstrual cycle.

Are you ready to embrace your menstrual cycle instead of battling or being ashamed of it? Share where you are in your period journey with us in the comments below!


“When you have a sense that there is more to the menstrual cycle than we are typically taught, and there are all these different aspects of it, you can start breaking it down.” (16:55)

“Your menstrual cycle really does reflect the state of your overall health. And it can be the first sign very early on showing these really subtle signs of a health issue, and that’s why we should be paying attention to it and we should be recognizing that it’s more than whether or not you have babies, its really a sign of health.” (19:10)

“You have the opportunity to see what could turn into, eventually, a big problem, but before it turns into a big problem. Before you have the crazy diagnosis and all the issues, you see the subtle signs on your chart.” (31:24)

“I want to empower you as the woman, as the reader, so that you can feel confident in the face of a system that doesn’t really support it yet, that hasn’t really caught up yet, that doesn’t really acknowledge that it is a legitimate valid form of birth control, and hasn’t acknowledged that the menstrual cycle is a legitimate biomarker of a woman’s health” (46:58)

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