#94: The Connection Between Our Relationships and Hormonal Health with Dr. John Gray

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • The #1 thing men need to understand and the top problem in relationships today
  • Why we should frame the differences between men and women in a positive way
  • Strategies to help you find a feminine and masculine equilibrium
  • How to gain emotional literacy and vulnerability through ‘Venus Talks’
  • The role hormones such as oxytocin and estrogen play in both men and women
  • Tips to better communicate with your partner and understand their perspective

Episode Summary

Dr. John Gray has devoted his life to understanding the relationship between men and women and the positive differences between them. As the author of over 200 books, including Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, Dr. John Gray literally wrote the guidebook to relationships!  He is here today to explain the intense role your hormone health can play in your partnership.

Dr. John is a wealth of knowledge and provides realistic tips to help you slow down, become aware of your hormones, and give yourself permission to become more balanced between your masculine and feminine sides. Learn the biggest differences between men and women on a hormonal, biological and chemical level; why rushing women’s syndrome could have a devastating effect on your health and relationship; the science behind male aggression and dissociation, and much, much more.

With help from Dr. John, you can embrace your vulnerability and learn tools to express how you are feeling in a way that the opposite sex will actually understand. This helps create a space where you work together with your partner to balance each other.

Are you ready to get to the bottom of your relationship issues and gain some clarity on what the other sex is thinking? What are you waiting for? Share what surprised you most about Dr. John’s relationship knowledge in the comments below!


“Obviously we are very, very different, but what are those differences? How can we articulate the ones we tend to misunderstand the most? And with that better understanding we can begin to appreciate our differences and understand each other better to provide the support our partners need.” (8:32)

“We see this hurried life that we are in today, always too busy, and we are not enjoying the fruits of a good marriage or a good relationship, which is great sex!” (12:37)

“The dynamic is for women to understand how to communicate messages to a man that pump up his testosterone in a world that is pushing it down, and for women, men need to know how to support women, particularly at certain times of the month, to increase their estrogen.” (25:22)

“We have to come back to authenticity, and it is very hard to do unless we have a more sophisticated understanding of how we keep bumping into our partners because we don’t understand the differences between men and women in a positive way.” (44:20)

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