#96: Menopause, What’s Really Going On and Non-Hormonal Solutions with Dr. Kelly Culwell

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • The number one thing about perimenopause that most women don’t know
  • Understanding the role your hormones, diet, exercise and lifestyle play in your symptoms
  • Natural ways to manage your symptoms, reduce stress and feel vibrant again
  • Modern external factors that could be playing a role in why you aren’t feeling 100%
  • How to fully embrace postmenopause after the rollercoaster of perimenopause

Episode Summary

If there is one thing that I hear from women over and over again, it is confusion around menopause and everything in between. I know it can be difficult to understand the symptoms surrounding perimenopause and postmenopause as well, which is why I have Dr. Kelly Culwell on the show today.

Dr. Kelly Culwell, also known as The Lady Doctor, is a fellowship-trained OB/GYN who is eager to change the conversation around how women and society feel about menopause. Dr. Culwell actively searches for natural solutions and home remedies to help women manage their symptoms, understand their hormones and regain vitality for life.

Hormone replacement therapy is not the solution for all women, despite what our mothers and grandmothers were told. With the information Dr. Culwell provides, you can figure out the root cause of your own symptoms, navigate the grey area between menopausal signs and diagnosis, and embrace menopause without the stigma.

We are determined to make women feel heard, know that they are not alone, and have a safe space to discuss these bodily changes. By shedding light on what is really going on during menopause, Dr. Culwell is helping women support themselves through this journey.

With the right tools, knowledge, and mindset of acceptance, menopause can be an exciting new chapter. Are you ready to take back control of your body no matter what your age? Share what you are doing to support your hormones in the comments below.


“Hormone replacement therapy is absolutely not necessary from a health perspective. And for the women who prefer to avoid hormones, or want to take a more natural approach, there are other options out there that can help ease this transition.” (15:33)

“I think people are probably sick and tired of hearing health care providers say this but how you feed your body and how you move your body are incredibly important for every aspect of health.” (18:20)

“Those hormone levels are naturally going to drop as you get older and that’s okay. But it is important that you are able to feel as good as you can so that you can continue to be vibrant and keep your activity level up so that you can have the most positive quality of life as you get older.” (36:41)

“We always put ourselves last, and that’s just a recipe for not maintaining your own vitality.” (40:43)

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One Response to #96: Menopause, What’s Really Going On and Non-Hormonal Solutions with Dr. Kelly Culwell

  1. Terri June 6, 2019 at 1:53 pm #

    I am super excited about your new book. I am 52, because of stress,excess amount of sugar,lack of exercise my hot flashes are extremely painful. I have them every 30 minutes, want to crawl out of my skin, anger and frustration are over the top. Thank you for brining all this to my attention.

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