#95: Eating to Prevent, Treat and Reverse Disease, the Future of Food as Medicine with Dr. William Li

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Walking the walk behind food as medicine and how it ultimately benefits our health
  • Learn why angiogenesis is your body’s most important defense mechanism
  • How to choose foods that you enjoy while supporting your cellular vitality
  • Debunking examples of foods that may have misguided reputations
  • An overview of the five health defense systems and specific healing foods

Episode Summary

If you aren’t thinking about the fuel you put into your body on a daily basis, you aren’t thinking about your overall health. Food can make or break your ability to function optimally, and Dr. William Li is dedicated to sharing the importance of diet and teaching others how to eat to beat chronic disease. A world-renowned physician, scientist, speaker and author, Dr. Li is shaking up our perceptions about nutrition and helping the world heal themselves through food.

Instead of focusing on the things the medical society tells us to cut out of our diets, Dr. Li places importance on the new things we are discovering every day that can actually assist your body in fighting off disease. Learn which foods are scientifically proven to heal your body and which you should definitely avoid, understand the role angiogenesis plays in your body’s ability to defend itself, and how to pay it forward to yourself by eating foods that you actually like while getting healthier.

Dr. Li believes that every health practitioner needs to be focusing on total body healing, and it all starts with the food you are putting into your vessel. He is laying the groundwork found in his new book, Eat to Beat Disease, to inform you of what foods to choose so that you can make eating healthily a sustainable lifetime adventure.

Are you ready to get serious and empower yourself with the tools to eat to beat disease? Let us know what about Dr. Li’s research surprised you the most, and which of the 200 foods on Dr. Li’s list you are going to try first in the comments below.


“Food as medicine is a tool in a toolbox to allow us to actually help avoid disease, but also if we people are sick, to able to contribute something to what the health care system is able to give them as well.” (11:13)

“The good news is that our DNA is hardwired to be able to neutralize those attackers, minimize the damage it can cause, and then fix itself. So foods can activate that as well.” (22:14)

“We are at the beginning of this new era of discovery about what’s in our food and what can it actually do for our defenses.” (30:09)

“I think people can lean into their diet, they can enjoy the food they eat, they can love their health by loving their foods.” (38:52)

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