Fennel Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

When I think of Fennel, the first thing that comes to my mind is the taste of black licorice and the little mints and seeds that are given for a breath freshener at my favorite Indian restaurant. While renown for being a wonderful addition to recipes, Fennel essential oil is also prized for its ability to internally support healthy digestion and respiratory health. Something I especially love about Fennel is its major natural sweetness factor! Just one drop mixed in with water or your favorite green juice is a wonderful way to battle those sugar and sweets cravings that often hit. While its scent can be unpopular to those who don’t care for the black licorice aroma, its benefits are unparalleled and have been so for thousands of years.


Fennel is indigenous to the Mediterranean and grows lovely leaves and blooms. It is valued most for its seeds from which Fennel essential oil is made. Interestingly, Fennel use has been traced all the way back to the ancient world. Ancient Romans ate Fennel seeds to mentally and physically prepare for combat to provide them with fortitude and endurance. The ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, had a very practical use for Fennel by using it to treat snakebites.

Fennel is such an incredible support to the digestive tract that midwives have even suggested that it can be included in nursing tea for the lactating mother and may help calm and soothe colicky newborns. In addition to supporting milk production, it can enters the mother’s bloodstream, then into the breastmilk, and potentially provide natural digestive relief to the baby while nursing.  One study, after testing the effectiveness of an extract made of German Chamomile, Fennel, and Melissa, concluded that within one week of using the extract to treat discomfort in newborns, the gas pain symptoms decrease significantly!


Fennel is the perfect choice to diffuse if you need to motivate and stimulate concentration. Can’t seem to find the mental strength to get your work done? With its enlivening scent, Fennel helps when you have one of those days when you feel like you are dragging. Boost your energy with this diffuser blend:

Focus & Motivate Diffuser Blend

4 drops Lime essential oil
4 drops Fennel essential oil

Looking to boost the mood of your home? Try adding 4 drops of Fennel essential oil and 4 drops of one of the following oils that pair well with Fennel: Wild Orange, Lavender, Rosemary, Lime, Geranium, Cinnamon, and/or Sandalwood.


Fennel is acclaimed for its ability to help fight germs and promote healing to the skin, especially when paired with Cinnamon essential oil. The next time you have a small cut, scrape or scratch, reach for your Fennel Rollerball instead of preservative-laden ointments. Keep it close in your first aid kit or in your purse!

To help combat bloating, menstrual, or any digestive discomfort, use Fennel essential oil. Fennel naturally eases and relaxes menstrual cramps, the intestines, and stomach when discomfort arises. Also, since Fennel is known to ease puffiness, possibly even helping to relieve the symptoms of stomach discomfort. Try this rollerball recipe the next time you’re suffering from an upset in the abdomen by applying around the abdominal area.

Hey, nursing mama! This rollerball recipe is also a perfectly natural way to help increase your milk supply. Just apply rollerball around the breasts, being sure to avoid your nipple area! Also, try adding a few drops to a hot bath to enjoy the relaxing and calming benefits of Fennel essential oil.


4 drops Fennel Essential Oil
Carrier oil of your choice

Using a 10 ml. rollerball bottle combine all ingredients and be sure to shake before each use.


In the kitchen, Fennel is a popular ingredient known for its deeply profound flavor. Fennel essential oil is highly potent, which means that you will only want to toothpick dip-and-swirl when adding an extra zing of flavor to your recipes to avoid overwhelming your dish. Try adding it to soups when they have finished cooking, salads, dips, and homemade sausage.  You can even try adding 1 drop of Fennel essential oil as a secret ingredient to citrusy cake or cupcake batter for that extra pow of deliciousness!


Thanks to Fennel’s naturally sweet licorice flavor, it can help curb those junk food cravings.  Try adding a drop or two in your ice-water or green juice to satiate your body’s longing for a little something sweet. A neat thing you can do to maintain healthy gums and fresh breath is to add a drop of Fennel essential oil directly onto your toothbrush before brushing your teeth – and will help to fight those midnight snack cravings as well!

Fennel essential oil to your favorite herbal tea is also a wonderful way for your body to internally glean the digestive benefits of this oil. Not only is Fennel a superb aid to your digestive system, it can also help to support optimal liver function, a healthy metabolism, lung and respiratory health, and overall circulation throughout the body. Make yourself a cup of this hot and comforting herbal tea with Fennel Essential oil the next time you get hit with a case of the junk food junkies or whenever your stomach needs some soothing.


1 tea bag of your favorite chamomile or green tea
1 drop Fennel essential oil

Brew hot tea as usual and add one drop of Fennel essential oil to tea cup after pouring in hot water. Stir gently. Curl up in your favorite chair for a few minutes and linger over this nourishing cup of relaxation.


Although this is overall a very safe oil, I recommend using caution if you plan on using this during pregnancy. If using topically, be sure to dilute with fractionated coconut oil or a carrier oil of your choice. Please be advised that Fennel essential oil should not be used if you are undergoing medical treatment for epilepsy. Remember to dilute this oil 1:1 if using on children!

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