#12: Rebuilding the Gut Microbiome Naturally with Summer Bock


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What We’re Talking About In This Episode!

  • Clearing the air about common fermented food misconceptions
  • How to avoid making your bloodstream into a ‘human sewer situation’
  • The reason sterilization might not be the best way to get over being sick
  • The importance of lactic acid
  • Why you should be making your own sauerkraut

Episode Summary: 

Today on the Essentially You Podcast we are tackling a huge topic: Your gut health. I am joined by the fabulous Summer Bock to talk all about how to rebuild your gut microbiome naturally. The gut affects every aspect of your health and needs to be taken care of properly while being fed the correct ferments, probiotics, and bacteria.

Summer’s mission is to help people rebuild their microbiome naturally and reclaim their health for good. She has been trained as an herbalist, a master fermentationist and is the founder of Guts and Glory Apothecary. After studying microbiology and pre-med, Summer decided to take what she knew about micro-organisms and help people battle their health from the inside out. She is a 3-time Good Food award winner and is here to bring you some crucial and foundational information for your gut health.

Did you know that the gut is the most intimate way we connect with our environment? Our microbiome is like its own ecosystem working inside of you to help your immune system and create a protective layer around one of your bodies most important powerhouses.

Listen in to learn why we shouldn’t be so afraid of germs, how fermented foods could have huge impacts on your mood, weight and energy, and how to start trusting your body and your immune system.


“That was the moment I took a look at my life and realized this is 100% my responsibility, my health, I am the only person who is really going to care enough to do something about this.” (9:45)

“I want everybody to be able to hear this message, I want everybody to be able to experience this, and I don’t want people to settle with symptoms and chalk it up to aging. That’s not aging it’s just a symptom so let’s get rid of it and move forward and be healthy. That’s my mission.” (10:21)

“You have to create the right environment for these probiotics to grow. And that means eating the right foods, having the right mindset, and making sure that you aren’t exposing yourself to chemicals and toxins.” (17:03)

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  1. Wendy Liu April 21, 2018 at 9:00 pm #

    Can you share the type or brand of matcha you use?

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