#553: Simple Ways to Start Feeling Calm and Safe and How to Align Your Nervous System for More Abundance with Kate Northrup

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Episode Summary

Day to day your to-do list piles up. More and more tasks get thrown onto your plate– whether you have time for them or not. 

So how do you navigate the anxiety this causes? 

Kate Northrup joins me in today’s podcast to help you cultivate ways to step back and slow down your nervous system to avoid burnout. 

Through her challenges of starting her own business, raising a family, and supporting loved ones in times of need– Kate has a massive toolbox of ways to take charge of your life through its ups and downs. 

She offers you easy steps you can take to regulate your nervous system in times of crisis. 

Plus, she discusses how to manage financial strain, and how to develop a positive relationship with money for ultimate success. 

Check out this podcast with Kate to learn how to calm your nervous system, create a strong mindset, and find time and space for yourself and the things you love. 

Kate Northrup

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and mother, Kate Northrup supports ambitious people to light up the world while avoiding burnout. Kate teaches how to heal your relationship with money, time, and work. She’s the author of Money: A Love Story and Do Less. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Oprah Daily, The Today Show, Glamour, Harvard Business Review, and more.


“In order to have prosperity, we need to not only earn money, but we also need to take excellent care of what we bring in and be a conduit for resources– be a steward for our resources.”

“Incorporating financial awareness with my self-care, I was able to pay off my debt, triple my income, and double my savings in a matter of six months.”

“We really created this beautiful web of support, paid and unpaid, so that we could enjoy the nourishment of community and of not needing to hold everything by ourselves throughout the entire process.”

“And when we are in a relaxed state, we are more powerful. The most powerful person in the room is the most relaxed person in the room.”

In This Episode

  1. About Kate and the early days of creating her business
  2. Navigating parenting as the primary income source 
  3. Learning to relax in times of anxiety and financial strain
  4. Finding support– and feeling gratitude for it 
  5. Taking inspired action from a place of openness and trust 
  6. Small steps to regulate your nervous system 
  7. The benefits of creating a money-pod and discussing money 
  8. The importance of taking time to connect with friends and family 

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One Response to #553: Simple Ways to Start Feeling Calm and Safe and How to Align Your Nervous System for More Abundance with Kate Northrup

  1. Shellie October 24, 2023 at 8:27 am #

    When Kate said “are we over giving or under connecting”, it hit me. That’s where my stuck lonely feelings come from. I try to solve all of it alone. I need to connect more and bring a calmer countenance with me as opposed to chaos and drama! Thank you

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