#337: Rewire Your Nervous System Out of Stressful Patterns Using Your Breath with Amanda Laine

If You Want to Use Breathwork Effectively, You Should:

  1. Be sure to nasal breathe on your day today
  2. Always focus on a slow, deep breath 
  3. Explore breathwork apps like Othership

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Episode Summary

Breathwork has been a powerful tool that has helped me reset my stress response patterns and create a greater sense of peace and transformation. Feeling stressed is the new normal for many women, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can learn how to control your breath, you can rewire your brain and reset your stress response system using something you do every single day.

Creating Breakthrough Experiences with Amanda Laine

Amanda Laine is the co-founder of Othership, the leading digital breathwork content creator. Othership was born out of the desire to help people do breathwork online or in-person to experience the transformative power of breathwork. Amanda combines breathwork, hypnosis, movement, and sound in innovative ways, which has led to thoughts of breakthrough experiences. She is passionate about helping others build resilience and transform their lives through the Othership app.

Don’t Take Your Breath for Granted

One of the reasons many of us have become so bad at responding to stress is because of all of the comforts our lives contain, compared to the hunters and gatherers that came before us. Because we don’t need to be running for food or being worried about getting eaten by a bear, our brain has been rewired to stress out about other things instead.

Utilizing breathwork is one of the easiest ways to help calm your central nervous system in times of stress. Most of us take our breath for granted, but it is the key to resetting our body’s stress response and bringing ourselves back to equilibrium.

The Best Way to Release Your Stress

Even if you have tried breathwork in the past, you have probably never tried it the Othership way. In as little as 4 minutes, Othership can help you release in the comfort of your own home, which Amanda has found to lead to more intense and more fulfilling breathwork sessions. 

Breathwork can help you rewire your state of consciousness, heal trauma, release stuck energy patterns and those thoughts that aren’t serving you. The direct evidence of how breathwork, and stressors like sauna and cold-plunge therapy, can help you shift out of parasympathetic stress is undeniable.

Are you ready to access this powerful tool that is available to you every single day? Share your experience with breathwork with me in the comments below!


“The breath is everything. The breath is your direct relation and direct connection to your nervous system. So if your breath is in any way constricted, and so too is that exact degree to your life, they follow suit.” (8:51)

“For me, I like to explain breathwork as an active form of meditation, so you are using an anchor to keep yourself in the present moment, and that anchor is your breath.” (14:29)

“When you feel a session, you feel better than when you started. It is a tangible result.” (20:45)

“It is a full experience. You can go really deep. And instead of going to a bar or a restaurant or the classic things people do with friends, like drinking. There are other ways to expand your consciousness and actually come out of it and talk with your friends in a way you never have before. It will open you up, which is what I think is what alcohol doesn’t do.” (22:35)

“We go through these peaks and valleys when it comes to how stress comes about. So how can we make the valley less low? That is why exposing yourself to these stressors, like cold, like hot, helps to raise that valley point a little bit higher so that when day-to-day stressors come along, we are able to handle them a little bit better.” (25:48)

In This Episode

  • How breathwork has helped people release stress during Covid lockdowns or illness (7:10)
  • The positives and differences of exploring breathwork virtually versus in person (11:37)
  • What you need to know to get started and understand the experience of breathwork (14:01)
  • Tips for running your own epic breath working session from the comfort of your own home (21:55)
  • The benefits of cold plunge and sauna when it comes to rewiring your brain (24:21)

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