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Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils On-The-Go

We’ve all been there – stuck in an airport, surviving in a long checkout line, entertaining kiddos at a restaurant, or just plain waaaaaaiting. With kids, it seems like the wait is a thousand times longer than it actually is and guaranteed Murphy’s Law will take effect at some point, making things go wrong that wouldn’t normally happen to those picturesque moms in the magazines. But let’s get real…we are SMART Moms and pretty pictures are not a part of our lives. We live in a virtual whirlwind of struggle, stress, success, and repeat in our little bubbles of the world. That also means that we are prepared for anything that life can throw our way, from black eyes to bug bites and gum stuck everywhere to lovely lice pets infested in our littles heads. Sigh. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. That’s where essential oils come in, like little bottles of amazingness flying little superhero capes behind them. Let me introduce you to your Smart Mom On-the-Go Kit so you can complete your utility belt against life’s best attacks.

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Geranium Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

So you think you know Geranium? Sure, it is a gorgeous flower, but the history and amazing properties of this plant will astound you. Known as a perennial shrub popular in gardens for its beautiful pinky-white blooms, Geranium has a sweet-smelling floral scent that likens it to that of rose, making it extremely popular in the perfume industry. Though over 200 different types of Geranium exist, only a select few are used for essential oils. dōTERRA uses a whole-plant steam distillation method for extraction, and it takes A LOT of Geranium plants to produce a small amount of essential oil.

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doTERRA Balance Grounding Blend: Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Let’s get really honest today. We all deal with lack of balance, we all need some grounding, and you know we all need some help at times. There was a point in my life where things began to spiral out of control as I juggled my emotional and physical health, my career, and a thousand other things that were like pins pricking me for priority in my life. I had put myself into a detrimental cycle that drove me straight down – overweight, exhausted, and irritable, I had given up control over my womanhood. Something had to be done because I deserved better. It took time…but look at what has blossomed from it – all because I recognized the need for balance! And that is where our focus is today – dōTERRA’s Balance Grounding Essential Oil Blend.

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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is the Best-Kept Detox Secret

Oil pulling, also known as gundusha or kavala, has been around for thousands of years and was originally part of the Ayurvedic healing system. This holistic medical system is one of the oldest in the world, and espouses developing a delicate balance between spirit, mind and body. Even though oil pulling has been used in India for centuries, it’s only recently gaining popularity in the United States. Oil pulling works by literally cleaning and detoxifying your mouth in a way that toothpaste and mouthwash can’t. It’s one of the best ways to promote healthy teeth and gums and prevent tooth decay! Other benefits include:

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