Weighing In On Weight Loss Part 3: Essential Oil Balance for Mind and Body

The last stop on our journey through weight loss includes focusing on sleep needs and hormonal balance – two things that, when lacking, can completely throw our bodies into a cyclone of disaster. We tend to overcompensate for lack of with more products. When lack of sleep leaves us waning, we caffeinate and sugar-fuel our bodies into an endless peak-and-pit cycle. When hormones wreak havoc on our skin complexion, libido, and mood, we often slather on chemical-laden products, ignore the problem, or unnecessarily medicate. Getting to the root of the problem is key and I am here to help you to transform your life with awareness and essential oils.


As I mentioned before, if you aren’t getting enough restful sleep, your body cannot recharge, cannot metabolize, and cannot lose weight properly. As a result, many of us are left feeling sluggish and dull in the AM and we reach for caffeine and sugar to drag ourselves out of the slump and push ourselves through the day. Obviously, this impedes other areas of wellness as well, so we need to just stop and reset our sleep routine.

First, work to get yourself to bed at a decent hour. I know that this is easier said than done, especially for all you parents out there, but do the best you can. Your bedtime needs to be just as sacred as your kids’ bedtimes.

Next, put away the screens. Turn off the phone, iPad, or TV and let yourself unwind with a cup of tea. Turn out the lights, making sure your room is as dark as you can manage, and let your body produce the melatonin that it needs to ease you into slumber.

Finally, oil up! Lavender is a go-to for many people to relax before bedtime, and it can be applied topically at your pulse points, diffused throughout the night to sustain sleep, and even taken internally so long as you are using a high-quality essential oil like dōTERRA. Other great oils to promote sleep that can be layered or diffused with Lavender include Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, and Clary Sage. Vetiver provides a huge punch of calm to many people’s systems when applied on the bottoms of the feet or diffused with Lavender.

dōTERRA BONUS – Serenity® Restful Blend

Once again, dōTERRA has responded to the needs of its Wellness Advocates and consumers and developed Serenity® Restful Complex Softgels that can be taken at night by themselves or in combination with the Serenity® Restful Blend applied topically or diffused. If you are really struggling with sleep, I would highly recommend giving this a try! It is a simple way to support a restful night’s sleep.


If you suspect that an underlying issue for you may be hormonal, you should definitely take a look at my Top 3 Essential Oils for Hormonal Synergy blog. It isn’t easy to get control of your hormones and sometimes it is a long process full of trial and error. But this process can be supported by essential oils used persistently and consistently. Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and especially Clary Sage are my three oils that I cling to for helping thousands of women reclaim their hormonal balance.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for a consultation if you are suffering from hormonal issues. It is so easy for hormones to disrupt our entire system. When they are out of balance, our sleep, our diet, our exercise, our skin complexion, our stress levels, and our ability to function are thrown out of whack. Don’t let yourself become a victim of your hormones!


Ladies, Clary Sage should already be a staple in your essential oil routine, but dōTERRA has made it so easy for us! All of my favorite oils plus even more amazing supplements for women’s hormonal health can be found in this easy-to-use rollerball bottle. I simply rub it across my abdomen when I need it and it helps me to not only maintain my calm through the day but keep my hormones in check. Granted, I also watch my diet, exercise regularly, and treasure my sleep schedule, but you can get there, too! Baby steps!


You all probably knew this was coming, but I have to say, ladies, that we need to love ourselves first. If you are committed to taking control of your health and wellness, you need to get your nutrition, exercise, sleep, and hormones in control before you begin to worry about something like weight loss.

We need to love the bodies that we are in and be proud of who we are at this moment, knowing that we are making positive changes for ourselves overall.

I’m not saying don’t lose weight.

What I AM saying is get everything else together first – worry about the health of YOU. And then watch what happens with how your body changes, tones, gains muscle mass and becomes fueled to support you throughout the day.

The scale isn’t everything.

Watch your body for a positive change.
See how your clothes fit differently.
Take some measurements at the beginning and the end of the month.
And pay attention to how you FEEL.

I guarantee if you begin to make these changes, you will SEE the difference, FEEL the difference, and others will NOTICE a difference in you. No number on a scale can provide you with the confidence that those three things will!

If you need a little extra help, please Contact Me!please contact me! I am eager to help you to TRANSFORM your life with the healing power of high-quality essential oils. Don’t wait another minute!

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