#106: Never Fear Breast Cancer Again with Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Dismissing the myths and misconceptions that surround breast cancer
  • Evidence-based, natural steps you can take to act preventatively and support your health long-term
  • The importance of breast self-exams and being in touch with your body 
  • Understanding the role environment, nutrition, lifestyle and genetics play in cancer
  • Real, actionable tips to move the needle in your direction and dismiss your fear

Episode Summary

Each and every one of us has been affected by cancer in some way. Breast cancer survivor and expert Dr. Veronique Desaulniers is passionate about bringing simple, easy steps to those looking for natural approaches to healing the body. Dr. V created the 7 Essentials System, to give women a step-by-step education program to prevent disease and create naturally vibrant health.

The 7 Essentials System has been used by thousands of women in 41 countries to work towards the goal of never fearing cancer again. Through lifestyle, environment and nutritional changes, Dr. V has harnessed the best in evidence-based natural medicine to end the stigma around cancer once and for all.

Dr. V is determined to help women stop living in fear. Her message will empower you to be confident in the control you have over your own body. It’s up to you, and only you, to create a space that rejects cancer and embraces holistic living.

If you or someone you love is looking for a natural approach to healing the body, this episode is for you. Who are you looking forward to sharing this episode with? Tag them in the comments below!


“How do we eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So I just broke everything down into 7 easy steps.” (10:20)

“One of the biggest joys I have is when we post our retreats or I get emails and we see them come to our community they are like deer in headlights. They are scared, they don’t know who to trust, is this going to work, and once they get into the process and flow of things they just transform in front of your eyes.” (16:30)

“If you understand the power of food and lifestyle on your gene expression, there is no more fear of breast cancer or any disease for that matter.” (23:32)

“Any disease that you have been diagnosed with, you can apply the 7 Essentials and learn to heal your body, because it’s all the same root cause.” (33:06)

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