#107: How to Jump Start Your Workout if You Struggle with Hashimoto’s with Dr. Emily Kiberd

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • How to gain an abundance of energy in the morning
  • Understanding the role stress hormones play in your ability to drop calories
  • How to exercise when dealing with autoimmunity
  • Tips to get your body moving even when you aren’t feeling your best
  • How Hashimoto’s impacts your muscle quality, tendon turnover, and metabolism

Episode Summary

If you have significant fatigue, experience adrenal issues or don’t have enough energy to get through the day, the way you are moving your body could be to blame. Those of us who struggle with Hashimoto’s, chronic fatigue and other autoimmunities can have a difficult time when working out. That’s is why I brought Dr. Emily Kiberd onto today’s episode. 

The founder of Urban Wellness Clinic and the Thyroid Strong program, Emily is an expert in learning how to move your body when you aren’t feeling your best. If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your workout when dealing with Hashimoto’s or other chronic conditions, Emily is here to provide ways that you can feel strong and confident in your body again. 

If you are uncertain about the important role strength training plays in your metabolism, cardiovascular health, hormone functioning and more, this episode is for you. Feeling burned out and depleted after exercise does not have to be your new normal!

How has your Hashimoto’s diagnosis impacted the way you work out? Share in the comments below!


“I’ve always been you know, New York ‘work hard play hard’, and I would just burn myself out and cause Hashimoto flare-ups basically. So I took a step back and I was like okay, how can I do this smarter?” (11:11)

“Training someone with Hashimoto’s, you have to cue them and dial their program in differently than just the typical traditional person.” (19:27)

“Starting to change the mindset of ‘I am going to in and kill it’, versus ‘I’m going to turn on all the right muscles, do functional compound, full body movements’… that’s working out smarter not just necessarily as hard as we can.” (24:00)

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