#112: How to Embrace Your Body and Own Your Power with Steph Gaudreau

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What we’re talking about in this episode!

  • Approachable ways to use food as your gateway to wellness
  • First steps to understanding what to eat for your specific body 
  • Being aware of your inner dialogue with an attitude of curiosity instead of judgment
  • How to find your “access point” to drill down into who you really are
  • The importance of behavioral changes in disordered eating

Episode Summary

Steph Gaudreau has a simple mission: to help women build stronger bodies and minds to own their inner power. Host of the Harder to Kill Podcast, holistic nutrition practitioner and weight lifting coach, Steph is a rockstar who believes in breaking society’s rules and finding what works for your unique body. 

We have been conditioned to stop listening to ourselves. Steph is here to walk you through the awkward practice of learning to be in tune with what your body needs. That way you can reconnect with yourself and stop giving your health away. 

Steph believes in finding the foods and movement practices that work for you so that you can feel comfortable in your body and stop comparing yourself to others. Learn the fundamentals behind her Core 4 Framework so that you can make health part of your routine and change the way you think about your body.

You have the power to connect with your body and achieve your goals if you are willing to let go of your negative language and embrace self-compassion.

What did you love most about Steph’s authentic attitude and dismissal of society’s unhealthy norms? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


“For some women, this is a lifelong thing of hating their bodies, and I just thought I have to share this with other women, there is another way, and it involves a lot of things that the fitness industry and the diet industry don’t want people to know.” (10:53)

“The phrase ‘know the rules so you can break the rules’, I think too many times we are missing the basics.” (31:26)

“Sometimes you have done the work in other areas, and the mindset piece is the last piece that you are ready for, and that’s okay. Everybody comes at it from their own timeline, their own journey, and that’s okay. But at some point for most people, they end up realizing that they have gotta deal with some of that stuff.” (48:21)

“If you are feeling like the people that you follow seem too perfect to be true, it’s probably not what’s really going on with them.” (52:27)

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One Response to #112: How to Embrace Your Body and Own Your Power with Steph Gaudreau

  1. Brenda Campbell September 3, 2019 at 2:07 pm #

    I loved this episode! I listened to it on the way to work the day after a VERY stressful day at work and sleepless night and it made me feel so much better about everything. I feel like I CAN take my power back in my life and start to control it rather than the other way around. Thank you for sharing ????

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